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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Steamcleaned the Motorhome carpeting and update on shocks

It is such a nice day (hit 81 degrees)  and no sign of rain tonight.... so I had Steveio carry my carpet steamer out into the motorhome.  I did up all the carpeting but it didn't seem to be sucking up the water quite as well as it should have been.  So we tore it apart and found a tiny hole in the hose inside!   After a bit of repair work, we put it together and worked like charm!  

This is the first time cleaning the carpeting since we bought the rig in 2006... and it was pretty nice when we got it.  We always take our shoes off when coming in, and try to wipe the dogs feet if they are muddy.  But after time, the light cream, grey and beige nubby berber was showing some signs of dirt.  

Looks pretty spiffy now and we opened all the windows to let it dry overnight  and into tomorrow.  I also used the upholstery tool and did the couch too where some certain couch potato dogs end up!

(here is a pic of all three of my messy kids on the couch) 

Being a light soft pale blue, it really needed a good cleaning too.

So once we finished the steam cleaning, Steveio hauled the machine back into the house for me.  Whew, that was a hot project to work on and I am not yet *up to snuff* here with my breathing.   I was pooped and took a little nap in the sunshine in the motorhome on the bed... right in the driveway!

He made us some nice tacos for supper....  so I didn't even have to cook tonight.

Then later  I gave all the new tomatoes plants a little drink for the night too....  Yesterday I got 21 tomato plants all in behind the garage and then tomorrow I plan to finish doing my coleus plants into the flower beds.  Will take pics once they are all done.

Update on the motorhome shocks...according to UPS tracking,  they are in Oak Creek, Wi  awaiting UPS delivery tomorrow.  Let's keep the fingers crossed that they are the right ones and fit!!!


  1. Glad you mentioned about the steam cleaning because that is something I've had on my list for awhile but keep forgetting about it. If I was handy I would haul a lot of carpet out of our rig put down a different type of floor surface. I don't know why the manufacturer carpeted our bathroom plus the toilet pedastal. Probably an old hippy employee from the shag rug 60's did that!!

  2. Carpet, cleaning, no wonder you were bushed,that's hard work, We have been hoping too you get the right part, the price you got was really great, Sam paid almost $100 a piece for the four Bilstein's he put on our Chev/ duramax truck, but they do ride great.Let us know hopw they turn out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. My carpets need a good cleaning as well, but since I don't have a steam cleaner, I traded it in for a new rig instead! Ha ha. :-)

    I've got my fingers crossed for you on the shocks.

  4. Love your blog name. Enjoyed my first visit here. We have a 5th wheel that we enjoy. Not retired yet but sure enjoy it.



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