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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Motorhome shocks, backup camera, and fridge prop

Well... update (kinda sorta) on the motorhome shocks.   If you read my other post from Sunday:
you will see that we have been trying to spend some money and get some shocks since May 5.  Today is the 18th.   The not-so-helpful sales guy at the other end of the phone finally promised that his supplier would have the shocks to him by Mon or Tues and then he would ship them on to us toot sweet.  

Welllllll  I wanna go camping this weekend!  

It's already Tuesday, so I figured a call to double check might help.   After being on hold while the same sales guy (by the name of Dan)  he had to call his supplier to double check my order again, he finally came back to me and *said* that the shocks were shipped from his supplier yesterday and would be there at his place today.  And then he in turn would ship them to me overnight to my house and they should arrive by tomorrow.  
(and now, watch, I am tempting the Monkey Motorhome Gods by saying they won't be the right ones?!?) 

These Bilstein shocks run in the $120-140 range a piece, and this place has them on a special for $75.75 each with free shipping.   The other guys on the Safari list said it was a good place to buy from.  hmmmmmm?

Now, being the *Cover My Bases* kinda gal, I decided to call a few truck supply places in Green Bay to see what they can do for us, in the event that the shocks do arrive tomorrow and are wrong.    Batting ZERO.... one place suggested their books show a cross reference to a Monroe gas-filled shock for $38 each.  I don't think that is a match??  They said we could bring in our shock and physically match it up, so I think we will send Steveio to work tomorrow with a shock in the car trunk, and he can run over on his lunch hour if need be.

I guess we will see what shows up tomorrow with UPS?  Otherwise I might make Steveio put the old ones back on just so we can go camping.  LOL  One is ok, the other isn't holding firm even after taking it off and adjusting it.   The rig rides fine, we just hear a loose rattly sound when going over some bumps.

If the shocks come, and fit and are good, then I will praise the company and we will order some rear shocks too.  The rears could probably use replacement too, as one seems to have some oil seepage.  Steve is going to have to torch them off because even with 2 weeks of daily squirts of anti-rust spray on them, nothing is budging on the nuts.   The front ones came off easy, so that was half the battle right there.

On to the next thing... our backup camera.    It is housed in a little extruded bump on the rear top cap, with a scratchy plexiglass cover over the opening.  It had yellowed over the years, and really needed to be changed.  Steveio put in a nice piece of strong safety glass, and sealed it in from the inside (accessible from a cabinet in the bedroom)   He used some leftover black butyl tape from when we replaced our window last summer.

 It was a quick repair, but made a big difference on the view~! 

I like using the backup camera when I am doing the driving, especially to keep track of what vehicles are around me.  It's always some stupid little car that is tailgating me and who will inadvertently whip around my right side as I am trying to make a wide turn!  They never seem to see my turn signals either.  At least then then I can prevent damaging my side of my rig because they are impatient or too dumb to know that motorhomes need a wider turn and don't *bend* in the middle.   It happens so often that we learn to drive very defensively and keep track of all motorists around us, even in the rear.

Speaking of the back of the motorhome,  did you see our white tigers? They are right below the camera on the back of the rig.   Jameson was over and doing a little nature walk with his Granfaddah Pfun last weekend.

I have mentioned it before, but the Safari murals are hand painted and airbrushed on individually each personally by the Dame family out in Oregon.  And each one is different and interesting.   Here is a website with more information:   http://www.arcatapet.net/travel/murals.cfm

I am not a tiger fanatic, but it came that way to us, and it's kinda cool.   Often they hide a small animal somewhere on the mural, here is out little mouse.  Makes a great conversation starter in a campground! 

So after Jameson checked out our tigers, he finished his little walk around our yard....  the grape vines are just starting to bud out with tiny leaves, and the lilacs behind are all in full bloom.

The other day on the RVnet forum,   www.rvnet.com , someone was asking about ordering a fancy replacement lever device for keeping their RV fridge door propped open when not in use.   I mentioned we used folded up dishtowels.  I happened to snap a pic this morning when I was in the motorhome taking the photos of the television, so here is a handy RV Hint for the Day:  


Well, the sun is shining here, and the sweet baby Chelsea is here for the afternoon.  Might take her out on a nature walk around the yard too.  Never too young to start them enjoying the woods????



  1. Great idea about the dish towels!

    Just curious..why is the grape arbor so low?

    The back up camera is great!! I wish we had one.

    Thanks for the encouragement!!Enjoy the grandbabies!!

    hugs..Cindy and Walker

  2. You wouldn't think something as simple as ordering shocks could become so complicated would you??
    I sure hope you get the shocks in on time and they are the right ones. Sounds like a great deal....if they come.

    I also hope you all get to go camping this weekend. I can tell from your post how "hitchitch" has set in.
    Take care,

    Mike & Gerri

  3. Hey Cindy... good question! At first, that space was my vegetable garden with picket fences all the way around. When I got sick in 2002, I stopped planting a garden (just do a row of tomatoes now by the garage)

    So Steve removed the end fences so he could drive a lawnmower through the middle and let the lawn overtake the garden plot, leaving 2 picket fences along each side.

    Then he wanted to grow grapes and added the vines along the fences. He put the shorter cross braces with a bolt in the middle to be able to add in another section later as the grapes grow higher, but can be lowered again for spraying or harvesting.

    His idea, not mine. I wanted to set lawn furniture underneath and make a nice quiet space to read a book or set in the evening, if he would raise it up to the next height. Maybe this year, who knows?

  4. Hope the shocks come in finally so you guys can get them done before the weekend.

    I like the mod you made to the back up camera. Never had seen the feed come through the TV - pretty nifty!

  5. Yes, all Safari's of our era and vintage have the OEM cameras which run through the front TV. Nice big screen to see what is going on back there!

    There is even a switch on the dash console that activates both the camera and the inverter to make the television work while running down the road. (remember the television is 120Vac) You don't have to get up and go to the rear of the rig to turn on the inverter at the control panel in the bedroom first. Pretty ingenious!

  6. Wow, love that backup camera using the TV and in color, too! My camera screen is a little one on the dash and is black and white. It's hard sometime to tell gravel from dirt when I'm backing into a site. Next MH will have a color camera like yours.

    Looking forward to your review of the shocks.

  7. Boy everything is getting so green and pretty! We use towels to keep our frig open too! I also saw the thing on Rv net Forum and thought the same thing.

    Hope you get to go camping this weekend!

  8. Boy everything is getting so green and pretty! We use towels to keep our frig open too! I also saw the thing on Rv net Forum and thought the same thing.

    Hope you get to go camping this weekend!

  9. We are just now working on our back up camera. We were told when we bought it (used) that it was NOT hooked up to the TV. I found your site through a Google search. As I read your text, the white tigers was mentioned. I thought, "Hey, this lady also has a Safari Trek!" I also have a white tiger but of course, different than yours. I do need to go look for the hidden animal. The short paragraph about the TV hook up and the suggestion about replacing the lens over the camera...these are going to shorten our discovery time. Thanks so much for the posting.


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