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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Some Cold Weather... Some Grandson.... Some Mother's Day....

It's been a crazy weekend weather-wise here in Wisconsin.  We woke up to snow and cold blowing winds.  Brrrrrr  and because of that, dear Steveio had to give me my Mother's Day present early.  Otherwise it would freeze and be ruined in the garage where he hid it after work.  I just LOVE fuchsia plants!


It is just HUGE!   The horticulture program at the university was selling them and he put in an order weeks ago for it.  I was eyeballing some (much smaller) at the store the other night and he kept saying NOOOOO  you don't need that!     LOL   We will wait till it warms up a bit before moving it outdoors to hang on the gazebo.  For now it can set on top of the entertainment center to get the southern light exposure.

Well, little 21 month old Jameson is keeping us hopping this weekend.  We took him out to a little restaurant for fish fry last night... and he was a perfect patron.  He ate his food, didn't make a mess, and we kept him occupied with a few things his mommy and daddy pack in his carryalong diaper bag.   Well-prepared parents with some crayons, a few tiny toys, a snack pack of fruit chews and his own spoon and bib.   They take him all over and he behaves quite well.  So we are proud to take him with us in any situation.    During our wait for our food, he *helped* me make a shopping list for the grocery store, our next stop.  We drew pictures of bananas and cookies on his list.   Then we tucked it into my purse to take to the store.

I know this pic is blurry.. it seems fluorescent lighting and my digital camera do not get along too well. 

We loaded up the cart and he later bailed from the front part and rode in the seat up close to me to keep an eye on the cookies!   Then granfaddah let him play with a big red ball..... well..... you guessed it:

Here is the ball... in the car.... going home with us! 

After we got home and unloaded groceries, this little guy was totally gung ho about hopping in the bathtub!  We have a large triangular whirlpool tub with lots of room for tub toys, bubbles, a big red bouncy ball and one squiggly little boy!  After wearing soap bubble goatees and a few shrieks of delight as he splashed granmuddah hanging over the side, we finally got his hair washed.   He refused to come out till his toes and fingers were wrinkled up like little raisins.   Once he was towel dried off in a thick terry bathsheet, he was ready for flannel jammies and bedtime!   Ten minutes flat and he was out like a light in the portable crib.  Peace at last!  Whew!

The next morning (he slept till 6 am)  he woke up with a stuffy nose and coughing.  So much for going out to play in the newly fallen snow overnight!   Instead he curled up with a good book.......  I just LOVE this pic!

We have a bookshelf with kids books on them, and he can choose from them and read them carefully.  He doesn't rip pages or wreck them either.  From baby on, he was never let to rip pages, only getting the heavy cardboard page books till he could be trusted.  

One of his most favorite book is called The Book of Snappy Numbers... and each page is a pop-up of a different animal.  We had to watch him with this book for quite a while because he wanted to take each animal off the page and outta the book!   The last page, which is now his favorite, is of a big snapping crocodile!  At first he was scared of it as it came out to snap at him, but now he loves it and knows it is coming at the end of the book.

Some of our kids books are from when I was a kid at Grandma Kafehl's house  (would be his Great Great Grandma)  as our some of our toys on the shelf too.  It's my collection of "Grandma Toys"

Right now as I type this, he is playing with the tiny rooster and hens from the Fischer Price Farm that my kids played with at her house.   He has one stuck on each little finger and is dancing around the house making cockadoodledoooo sounds... what a kid!   (See? the snow melted outside already too)

This morning, I ran to the store to get him decongestant and expectorant (after calling his mom to double check that it was O.K. to do so)  and brought it home to dose him.  He seems to be feeling fine now this afternoon..... So it was time to break out the clipboard and the fat crayons!  He squeals with DELIGHT when we bring them out... and our fridge now has new artwork proudly hanging on display.

Now after a dinner of "skettie"  and some green beans and mandarin orange slices.. it was time for a few of his cookies he chose at the store.   White and pink frosted animal cookies.. yummmm!

In our home, we keep a baby gate across the steps going down to the studio, but the rest of the house really isn't babyproofed.  He is good about gently touching things and not getting into trouble.  Sometimes he looks at me and questions if he can check something out.  For instance, right now he is turning on and off the button on the weather radio, listening to the ever-repeating weather forecast.  He thinks it's hilarious to be able to turn it on and off by himself.  My table loom and sock knitting machine are also here in the living room and he is really good about not messing with them.  

It's amazing watching what he thinks is fun.... it's not TOYS... no... its beating out a rhythm with two lotion bottles, or playing with a tube of chap stick.

He looks at all the pics of the family members on the *Wall of Fame* at the bottom of the stairs... and knows each person, even his Uncle Mike who passed away in 2006.

He names them all and loves to sit on the steps and look at the framed pictures.    The steps are made of half logs cut lengthwise and are open in between... and quite scary for a little tot not quite 2 years old yet.

Well, life is an adventure with the grandkids that is for sure.

After he woke up from his nap, he cuddled up to me, clinging tight as I rocked him.  We stayed that way for about 10 minutes, while I sat cross-legged on the floor.  I know he is growing up, fast, and it isn't too often he will want to be so cuddly.  Gotta get those in while I can, and cherish the sweetness I felt with him clinging tight to me.  Smelling his hair and listening to his raspy nasal breathing from his stuffy nose.

Grandkids...   grandkids..... grandkids.....   we are blessed!


  1. Beautiful Day!! I too have my 3 1/2 yr old grandson this afternoon and this evening. He is so creative..it wears me out!!

    Happy Mother's Day Dear Friend!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Grandkids are definitely a delight and that is the one major thing I miss while working/traveling with the carnival...is seeing my little granddaughter each week. It will be the end of October before we see her again and the middle of October before we see the grandsons in Lewiston.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  3. I also love the photo of your grandson reading while sitting with his feet on the stool! It's a wonderful picture.

    Those Fuchsia's are gorgeous!

  4. You are so right, they grow quickly and all of a sudden they are little men that aren't as interested in hugs and cuddling,so get that while you can, pretty soon it will be, things that are big, make noise and smell like diesel fuel, just like my mother used to say. We hope you had a great Mothers day Karen, seeing your family is always a treat be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  5. Great post! I can tell you have the grandparents 'glow'. Looks like you ARE enjoying them while you can. He's a real cutie!

  6. We find that the "shopping list" seems very dynamic when the kids hit the toy department.

    Although that goes for the little kids and the "big" kids as well.

    Great post -- those grandkids are the definition of precious!

    Ken and Nanette


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