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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now that we are home... catching up a few things

We made it home from our five day weaving vacation (for me)  and now getting things back into the house and organized.... we came home to my bleeding hearts in bloom!

We have some blossoms on the cherry tree and the apple tree too!   

My oh my how Spring snuck up on us!   But.... .the danged weatherman said perhaps ~~S N O W~~    this weekend!   Only in the Northwoods of Wisconsin can we get snow on top of our blossoms! ARGGGHHHHH   And as I type this, Steveio is out mowing the lawn, go figger! 

My little Chelsea granddaughter came over on Tuesday... I swear she grew 5 inches in the 5 days I was gone!    Her mommy said she is getting too big now for the bassinette (almost 4 months old) .. so now she is going to nap in a portable crib..... just look at that face!   (to HER it is a CAGE, no doubt!) 

All of a sudden, my dad showed up at the door to bring me some important papers to straighten out for him... so he got in a few cuddles too with the little beetle bug baby! She REALLY liked his glasses... a lot! 

Once I got her down for a nap... then I was unloading some of the stuff from the rig, I decided to lay out the samples I had woven the other years from the workshops with this same teacher, Jason Collingwood.   I had taken them along for "Show N Tell" but they usually hang on the walls in my studio.  Here are my samples in various sizes, styles, colors and patterns.   Someone at the workshop said I should stitch them all together to make a rug!  I guess I really could, some of those runners are over 5 feet long!   That was a lot of learning... and a lot of yarn too! 

Now that the morning was over, I had to gear up for a Home and Community Education Cultural Arts contest and banquet for Tuesday evening.   Not only did I enter five things in the contest, but also I donated 6 pairs of socks and a scarf for the silent auction.  The proceeds go to our Scholarship Fund that we award to 2 students each year in the name of HCE.    One of our members recently passed on, and her stash of yarns was donated to the club to be used up for more knitted items.  Many of the yarns were too thin and small balls for needle knitting.   So I blended some into multicolored socks to add to the silent auction.  Here was one pair I whipped out Monday afternoon before I left for the banquet. 

(they came out kinda cute if I say so myself... and the woman who won them thought they were lovely) 

Seeing as I got all "dolled up" for the banquet... Steveio snapped a pic of me so I could have a new avatar...  I was having a good hair day, so the pic was a nice one.  Not too often I get photos of myself, and Steve usually jiggles, so he had to take about 20 shots to get one that was good.  LOL  

The banquet was wonderful and though we had thunderstorms and tornadoes move through the area south of us, we were fine at the Romy's Holiday Inn Supperclub at Kelly Lake, WI    A pair of my socks won in the "Knitting - Wearable Item" category and will go on to state judging in September.  (kinda like 4H for us old ladies!)  

I spent some money on tickets for the auction and won a few wonderful things... one item was a tied fleece blanket that works out perfectly on the floor of the livingroom for babies to play on... see?

I also won an interesting wooden statue made from Brazilwood that I knew Erin would like...

Then I won some bath gels and lotions in a WHITE cosmetic bag (now who on earth thinks a WHITE cosmetic bag will stay WHITE????)   so I am giving that to Heather...    and then some scented candles that I will keep for myself.

All in all, it was a nice banquet with lots of laughs with all my neighborhood ladies in the farming community where we are located.  Many are retired farmers wives, and share their knowledge, gardening and homemaking skills with the younger women of the club.  

Just found out we will be having Jameson overnight on Friday ... and all of the kids will all come for a Mother's Day  Celebration on Saturday with me.  Then they can all go to their respective spouse's moms on Sunday.  It doesn't matter to me when we celebrate, because I see them all so often, it's an honor for me on ANY day to have my family gather just for me.

Time to get some supper on the stove here, soninlaw Mark just came and got the beetle bug baby girl.....



  1. Wow! You never slow down, do you?
    BTW, great picture, Steveio is one lucky guy! :c)

  2. It sounds like you have a very successful weaving conference/show. And yes...you definitely had a very good hair day. :) Enjoy the family this weekend.

  3. Great hair day and beautiful smile!!
    Your grand daughter has gorgeous blue eyes.
    Those plants on top..I have never seen before..thanks for sharing. Do they bloom just now or all summer?
    Your weaving simply amazes me..you are so talented. I am glad you had a great weekend.

    Blessings..Cindy and Walker

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  5. Glad to see you enjoyed your trip and did well at the meeting, Sam will be taking a group to Fla. over the weekend but he said he will celebrate Mother's Day when he comes home next week,with the grandson staying with us we can celebrate anytime. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. You are so active, also a very caring and generous person. The socks looked wonderful and so does your picture. Great hair!


  7. You are a very talented lady...beautiful weaving. What a sweet picture of your grand daughter...very beautiful eyes!

    Your picture looked very nice and yes...good hair day.
    Enjoy Mother's Day!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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