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Friday, May 28, 2010

CAMPING - Old Veterans Campground - Peshtigo State Forest

(this post is made by a solar powered laptop)

Steveio got done with his business meeting in Kaukauna about 6:30 and headed home,  I was waiting in the driveway all packed up and ready to roll.   All he had to do was toss on some different clothes and hit the driver's seat.  Wheeeeee off we went by 7:30pm

We drove up through Twin Bridge Campground, hoping to get a site, as all their even numbered ones are not reservable, just the odd numbered ones.  You would think on a Thursday that out of 68 sites that even ONE would be open?  NOPE.....  any site that was open already had a tag on from folks who paid ahead or had friends save a site by paying and placing a tag.  So we were outta luck there.     We wanted to try camping there, because we had never been there before, and wanted to try a new place.  Also the kids were thinking of joining us with the grandchildren, and we wanted the option of turning on the air conditioning if need be for the babies.   We had driven through a few weeks ago and wrote down the site numbers we liked best.   Oh well, another time on not such a busy holiday weekend I guess.  It does have electric and a nice shower house, so many folks go there. It is also located on the flowage, a very popular area for water sports like boating, skiing, jet skis and pontoon boat floating party barges.

Drove on a few more miles to the Peshtigo State Forest and pulled into Old Veterans Campground.

It was almost dark, but we have been here before and knew which site we wanted.   As we pulled in, the one we wanted was already occupied by a tent, but we drove to the end  and took our second best site, number 10.   There are only three other tents here, and all is quiet and peaceful.  No hookups, but that is ok.   That is also why it's not crowded LOL  Only 16 sites, and three are occupied.

Here is my post from the last time we were here, last fall:

We pulled in just as it was getting dark, and got backed in just fine.  I whipped up a quick late dinner of a ham steak, noodles and corn on the stove.  Steveio hadn't eaten since lunch time and was quite hungry.  Later we hit the rack in total peace and quiet, in our little snug house on wheels, parked in a woodsey getaway.

The nice thing about being in the end site of a dead end is that all the cars that might come in for other campsites stop there already and don't drive as far down as where we are.  Actually the only ones that drove in so far were the rangers, and they stopped to chat a bit.   We discussed budget cuts and upgrades--- (a few are slated for this park, painting, new doors on outhouses, a new drinking fountain and some new fire rings)

We woke Saturday morning to a chilly crisp woods, but blue sky and sunshine on it's way.  We had left all the windows open at night, and it was down to 52 outside and in.  I baked some muffins in the Easy Bake Oven and we had our coffee.    Boy things taste SO GOOD when we are camping!

It quickly warmed up and the sun had our solar panels just charging like mad as it made it's way through the trees onto the panels.  Even in partial shade or cloudy days, our panels seem to have us fully charged back up in a quick manner.  We are now at 97% full, and only went down to 94% this morning with computer use.  That was both of us on laptops and our router going, plus some tv news watching  and hair curling.  LOL

After breakfast we took a little walk around the campground, but the temps are now up to 80 and we came back instead of circling the lake like we planned.  The woodticks are out in scads and Steve pulled at least 6 or 7 off his arm or leg, crawling up to find a good spot.   I had one land on the laptop, but got rid of him toot sweet.   We then did a light spray of DEET to keep them off before our walk, and now haven't seen any since.  Even the dogs got a light mist of DEET on their fur, and they also get the monthly Frontline drops too.  Tis the Tick Season!

The doggers had to check out the beach.  See the crystal clear waters?   We could see tiny minnows darting here and there, a few butterflies were flickering along and the dogs had to cool their paws a bit.

All three sites with the tents on them had nobody around. Their cars were gone.  We had seen one car with kayaks on the roof, so I imagine they are out paddling on the flowage nearby from the dams.  There is a whole long chain of lakes and rivers that can be traveled by boat, jet ski, kayak and pontoon boats.  So we imagine that is where most of the tenters went.

We checked out site number 12, our third choice of campsites.   Steve thought we may want to move into this one this morning after breakfast. He was thinking that it would be great for solar recharging, being full sun from east, south and west... just trees on the north.

This is the view right out back of site 12, which is very nice ....

 But with today being so hot, already to 80, no thanks, we decided that we will stay on site 10 where it's shady and cooler.  It was almost fully charged by 11 am, so why bother moving.  That other site is sandier where the rig would sit, but this one is more firm gravel... and the table area and around the fire ring is more grassy.  We will stay put.

Now that we are staying on 10, we set up our lawn chairs, awning and patio mat on the side of the rig, where we have a nice new picnic table, fire ring and well maintained campsite with all the weeds cut back and a good private space for ourselves.   We are sure thankful that the state is keeping up our park systems, after hearing all the bad stories in some parts of the country like Arizona, California and now is it Virginia?   Too many cutbacks are threatening our state and national parks.

Oh, before I forget...  on Thursday before we left, in our yard Steveio found this big painted box turtle momma, laying her eggs on our septic mound.  Last year one was doing that too, perhaps the same one?   Or a baby perhaps all grown now and come to lay her own eggs ???   We kept the doggers away so she could nest them down into the warm sand in privacy and peace once I snapped this shot.

Well, now it's after lunch, and Steveio decided it was time for a nap.  Guess I will go join him! 



  1. Glad you all found just the right spot to spend your Memorial Day weekend. Looks very nice and snug!!
    The advantage of having solar is being able to open up your site choices. Wish we had solar!!

    We'll have to be on the look out for ticks as well as we begin camp hosting in a state park (woodsy).

    Have fun!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. You guys were lucky to find a good spot, I had our trailer out at the campground Monday and by Wednesday night all the trailer spots were full and there were popups using some of the tent sights, the tent sights only have 20 amp power so they may not have A/C available on the popups that have that. Sorry Rigg's couldn't remember Duke and Duckess's name this morning when he made up the draft for the friday blog,same with Al's three in Bayfield, He is doing just great the hardest part was getting used to the steps into the camper, but he now just runs up them to get to his food bowl.You guys have fun we will keep you posted. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  3. Site #10 looked pretty darn good from this end! I'm so happy that you are enjoying your solar panels and that they are working so well for you. Ain't it grand? Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend...and keep those tics off. Yuck.

  4. On a hot day, sometimes shade is more important than solar power. :) #10 looks like a nice site. Enjoy the holiday! How many grills did Steve bring this time? :-)

  5. Judy.. he has two along this time. (only two??) the small Coleman Party Grill and the square newest one from Aldi's. I guess I don't care how many he brings, as long as he keeps cooking! LOL

  6. Just curious what your #1 choice of site was? Trying to find something shady...not sure if you will remember 7 years later?

    1. Ten was nice and shady.... But twelve had the prettiest view. It was sunnier. We also stayed in the first sure on the left one time, it was more open, and people walked by a lot to get to the little beach area... Not so private. Ten was the best for shade and quiet.


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