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Monday, May 10, 2010

Basking in the afterglow of Mother’s Day…


As I am here, sipping coffee this morning, I am glowing in the love and joy of a great Mother’s Day.   I am truly blessed with delightful children and grandchildren!

2010 mothers day 20


I was fortunate in having both of our daughters to come over yesterday morning with their guys and children.


Mark, Erin and Chelsea                              Heather, Jesse and Jameson2010 mothers day 7  2010 mothers day 17











Now, you all know I am a weaver, right?  … and I have the table loom set up in my livingroom right now.  So when all the kids came yesterday for Mother’s Day, little Jameson had to show his mommy how good he can weave!   Remember, he is only 21 months old.  And totally FASCINATED by anything that moves, turns, opens, closes, etc.  All weekend while we had him here, he keeps going to the loom, touching the beam and asking me  “NOW ?  NOW ? NOW ?”   So we wheeled the loom over to my chair, set him on my lap, and let him go at it.   Hahahaha   Yesterday he wove THREE times!   What a doll and makes my heart go Pitter Pat to see him weave.

my little weaver6 (in the old days, the Men were the weavers, and the Women just prepared the fibers… a loom was a tool like a rake or shovel or plow, just like Men were the tailors too)

my little weaver5  my little weaver8







For a nice lunch on Mother’s Day, my darling Steve grilled out brats and burgers (chopped sirloin extra lean for him)    and the girls each brought something too….

Mommy Erin made tuna noodle salad (which she HATES putting in peas, celery and onions but did so for ME)     and Mommy Heather made a strawberry cheesecake!

2010 mothers day 24

I whipped up a pot of calico beans… which Jesse took the leftovers home.  Poor Heather!

It was a great day with big kiddo hugs and lovely presents.  I was spoiled rotten...  besides the big fuchsia plant that Steveio got me on the weekend---

Erin’s family gave me a bag of coffee beans and a cute stainless steel mug that she slid in pics of Chelsea between the inner and outer layers.  I can add and change pics of all the grandkids in it.   I can smile each time I raise the mug to my lips.

Heather’s family gave me a big basket of about 12-15 different lotions and bath products which I sorely needed.  I was getting low!   They are cherry blossom scented and the basket will make a great knitting basket for by my chair.  

Dan’s family sent me a card with a new photo of Allegra to add to my collage.   (we are later going to their house after our kids head out to their spouse’s mothers in the afternoon)


I gave both of our girls and our daughter in law each silver heart shaped lockets with pics inside of their babies....   made ‘em all cry!    


2010 mothers day 30  2010 mothers day 25












Steveio cleaned up after our meal and we pigged out on the cheesecake for dessert.  After leftovers were packed up for them to take home, hugs and goodbyes…  and then time for a little nap for us!   I seem to be coming down with a little cold, so I needed a nap.

Later we hopped in the car and drove to Green Bay to see our son Dan and his wife Heather and little Allegra....   I got in lots of hugs there too and we brought along the some nice clothes we found at a good rummage sale in Beloit for Allegra...   they were appreciated and will work right for sizes for her.   Some were even brand new with tags.

(and I forgot to take along the camera!  So here is a photo of them from Xmas)

the pfundtner family


Then we did an Aldis grocery store run…   it was just gonna be 2 bags of the boneless skinless chicken breasts, but ended up coming out $94.00 later and a trunk full of groceries!   How does that happen?  AND Steveio bought another small propane grill!  I think that is seven grills now that he owns.   I might have to do a blog post on just that?

Steveio needed a few things from Home Depot and still had a gift card to use up from Dan and Heather for his birthday.   So once we got him outta there, then we hit Menards store too.   Lo and behold their hanging floral bags (those heavy green bags that have annuals planted in them that you water and let hang.  I wanted four bags again for each corner of my gazebo like last year.   So that finished up the Mother’s Day treats and flower shopping too.  Now we just need to buy tomato plants, perhaps next week and get them in.  It’s too cold to put anything out yet, so we hung the flower bags in the garage till later this week.

After we got home, we snuggled up to watch a movie of Tom Selleck’s, called Jesse Stone.  We like that series he has done, and this show ended with a good cliffhanger to keep us tuned for when he films the next one.  A nice footrub with my new lotions by my personal masseuse was the perfect ending to a  great Mother’s Day weekend! 


We tried to have flowers delivered to Steve’s mom, but found out they LEFT for the weekend in their fifth-wheel!  Good for them!  She is battling cancer and going through chemo.  They decided to load up the fifth wheel and go camping up to Door County.  More power to them, and the flowers can get re-delivered later today when they get home.  Though the weather was kinda yucky for camping, glad they got out and about a bit.

My mom, as I type this,  is now winging her way north from Florida to Michigan, and might stop here in Wisconsin on the way through tomorrow.  Depends what time of the day or night they get into this neck of the woods.  With Lowell being a retired truck driver, he is used to hopping behind the wheel and going gangbusters zoomzoomzoom till they hit home in Michigan.  Once they get up there and get settled in, we will send up a basket of flowers for her too.


Today, Monday, the wee one Chelsea dear came over at 6 am with her Daddy .. as her Mommy had to leave at 4 am to get up to a store way in the Northwoods for an 8am inventory.....  so Chelsea came here all changed, fed and dressed in clothes, when i was expecting jammies, diaper change and needing a bottle right away... instead he had it all done.  What a Good Daddy!

2010 mothers day 37


I am getting a bug in my craw to go camping this weekend.  We have Allegra’s baptism on Sunday, but thinking that if the new shocks come for the motorhome this week, we can get out on the road Friday night and perhaps camp near Green Bay at Bayshore park.  Then on Sunday we can go from the campground to the baptism, and later to the city park where the kids rented a pavilion at Green Isle park for a picnic.   They invited 50 folks to share in their little girl’s special day.  I am making fruit salad and it would be nice to have good weather so we can be outdoors. 


We noticed a rumbling in the Saturn car yesterday on way home from Green Bay.  After we got home, Steveio diagnosed the noise as an idler pulley was loose and missing a bolt.  He found the bolt laying in a pan underneath, and put it back in, but the pulley is still bad and needs replacing.  So that is on the agenda for tonight if he can get the part today.   Always something!  arggghhhhh   but it’s an older car and needs a few tender touches now and then.   Keep it going for 3 more years and we will be happy to give it to one of the kids later when we go full time.

Well, time to refill the coffee cup here and get a move on with the day.  Little Chelsea is napping right now, so I can get some stuff done.   Later gators!


  1. What a great Mothers Day, you are indeed a lucky lady, Hope you get your wish to go camping this weekend. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna

  2. What a beautiful family you have! It's always a treat to see them, isn't it?

  3. It sounds like you had an awesome day!!What are calico beans..I have never heard of them.

    Hope you get to feeling better..I am waiting right now to hear from my daughter Wendy in the Oklahoma area..they have been under tornadoes for the last hour in half..she is in a storm cellar..and there is now no phone coverage..I just pray and keep busy till I hear her sweet voice!!

    better run..I will update you when I hear from her..Cindy

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day and what a beautiful family!!!

    Hope that camping trip happens for you all. Have fun!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Ohhh these are so easy!

    **warning** I am a dumper kind of cook, not a precise recipe person!!!

    first brown up some ground beef, bout half a pound, and chopped onion, and drain.

    then fry up about 4 strips of bacon, and cut or break into small pieces

    now dump that and all this into a crock pot:

    1 can kidney beans
    1 can baked beans
    1 can butter beans
    a big squirt of ketchup
    1/2 cup brown sugar
    dollop of molasses
    squirt of steak sauce
    double squirt of BBQ sauce (we like Sweet Baby Rays)

    season to taste

    let it go a few hours on the slow cooker


    some folks add grape jelly...
    some folks add mustard...
    some folks add vinegar...

  6. We love the Jesse Stone shows and they're restarting June 6 on TV. You had quite a family time! Congrats.

  7. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family, Karen. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

    If I forgot to say...Thank You for sending the directions for the badge link on my blog.

  8. Okay..Wendy is safe..house is fine..no hail damage..no electricity

    the whole town is out and she doesn't have water..told her how to get water out of the hot water heater..and they will take.. their new to them rv... over to a friends and fill up the water tanks tomorrow.It could be weeks before they have electricity..the area they live in was hit bad!!!!!

    Thanks for the prayers..Cindy

  9. Looks like you had a great day with all the kids. What a great looking family you have!

  10. Glad you had such a great Mother's Day and were able to enjoy it with your family. It is nice to have family close by.

    I had to settle for an email from each of our children, they both live too far away to spend the day with them.

    By the way, you look more like the mother of Jameson and Chelsea not the grandmother. Nice picture of the three of you!

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. Cute grandkids. We are followers via RV There Yet.


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