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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Around the studio this holiday weekend

Been working down in my studio.   I got some towels and bread cloths done, hemmed, pre-washed, measured and tagged.    I did three of the mint towels and one each of the 2 red bread cloths.   My mom entered the two red bread cloths in the county fair last August, (they each won ribbons!)    and now I finally got them back and I am able to list them on my Etsy website.  


winter mint towel bread cloth 1winter mint towel bread cloth 3


valentine treat bread cloth 4valentine treat bread cloth 1


wine treat bread cloth 1wine treat bread cloth 4

The loaf of bread is a day-old loaf from our favorite sub shop in Green Bay, Erberts & Gerberts.  They sell loaves for a $1.00, so we try to nab a few to bring home and freeze.  On a whim I used it as a prop in my photos for the Etsy website.  I might have to go to Hobby Lobby and buy a fake paper mache bread loaf like this for future photos!


Well, it's not quite 8 weeks since my surgery, so I am not supposed to be weaving yet.... 

but I have a rug order to work on, so my darling sweet Steveio came to help me!   I wound the shuttles up with the looped material weft chains and placed each row in the open shed, and he beat the row into place   (that is the hard-tummy-working stuff) ....  

 Steveio helping me in the loom room0 (Behind every Weaver, there is a Good Woman?)

Did you know weaving was considered “Man’s Work” and a loom was considered a tool like a plow, shovel, machine or device needed to earn a living.  The women just prepared the raw materials to be woven, but men did the actual weaving.


Steveio helping me in the loom room1
We finished up one large rug in just about an hour!  Wow is he fast!    He's doing quite a good job, dontcha think?  This lady wants them with blue and brown loopers interspersed throughout the rugs. 

These are my Birch Tree rugs, made outta recycled sock loopers from factory waste.... they are the leftover loops from making socks after the hem is sewn across the toe.  It’s cut off and is wasted, and normally end up in the landfill.  My friend, Barb Barnett, buys them by the truck sized bale and resells them by the pound to us weavers to put into rugs. 

looper chain  

It’s about time to put away the fiber toys today, because in a couple of hours, our darling new granddaughter Allegra is coming here for a sleepover!   She is only 29 days old, and will be here with us, helping us bring in the New Year---- 

Tonight, Erin is babysitting our grandson, Jameson, so she and Mark will bring him over too for a while.. to get in some Cousin Bonding Time!!!


  1. Thanks for the photos. Your work is beautiful.
    Happy New Years to you and yours.

  2. Your work is really amazing. Nice for Steveio to give you his help!

    Have fun with the baby!

    Happy New Year, too.

  3. All the best in the new year folks. Your work looks lovingly complicated to me. I have trouble tying my shoes:(( AL.


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