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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yup, the storm blasting the midwest has made it’s huge arrival and this is the result…. 

december 09 snow storm0
This snow is very wet and heavy and clings to everything…. 

december 09 snow storm6
I took this one through the patio doors….  the rest of the pics I opened a door, clicked the camera, and shut the door… QUICK!

   december 09 snow storm2
The blue spruces up by the house seem ok, but we lost a few trees down along our river from the weight of the clinging snow

 december 09 snow storm3
This is out the side door aiming towards our road…. of course you can not see the road beyond those pine trees, because it was buried under 2 feet or more of drifts!

december 09 snow storm4
Even the tall cedar arborvitaes in front of the house which are pretty protected became overladen with snows and hanging way down.  Even when we knocked the snow off, they do not spring back up again.  Hope they aren’t ruined???

december 09 snow storm1
It was blasting so bad, the birds abandoned the feeder and went to hide.  You can not even see the river beyond the trees in this pic, visibility was almost nil.

 december 09 snow storm5
All of these pics were taken earlier in the day on Wednesday…. since that time, we got a lot more snow and blowing too. 

The winds are blowing horrendously and now the temps dropped… we are below zero this morning, and not to get above 10 degrees all day.  The wind chills are wayyyyy below zero too.  ACK    Where is summer?


  1. I feel for you guys, we have just had the same weather for the last three days--bitterly cold and then yesterday the wind howled making it even more miserable. Stay warm.
    Mike & Janna

  2. Wow...that's a real mess you have there. Thanks for the photos. :)

  3. And here I was whining about it being 7 degrees this morning. At least we don't have all that "white stuff" on the ground here. Good luck.

  4. We have been out of the northern winters for the past 4 out of 5 years & your pics sure brings back winter memories for us. Guess I better stop grumping about it being 26F here in the early morn!!


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