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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh the Holidays……

Wow, it’s been such a whirlwind of activity, visiting, travelling and SNOW STORMS~!


On Christmas Eve, we went to daughter Erin and son-in-law Mark’s home. The roads were slick and icy, we had sleet, rain, ice, and then snow forecasted over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 


Their home was all decorated to the hilt, and they had all the festivities planned in advance.  With extra bedrooms, we were ready to hunker down there for the night if need be.  

Such a wonderful host and hostess for a great meal, good laughs and wonderful family traditions.  We are going to have all our family Christmases here from now on. 



“I’m gonna wait right here till Santa comes!”

xmas at erin and marks 200941

Daughter Heather, fiancé Jesse, and 17 month old grandson Jameson joined us  too.



Grandfaddah figured he better pull out the wallet and pay off the kid to keep quiet till Santa came….   bribery works, the kid likes folding paper money instead of coins! xmas at erin and marks 20095


A luscious meal of Alaskan snow crab legs, baked ham, hash brown hot dish, the traditional green bean casserole etc.  We feasted like KINGS~

xmas at erin and marks 200924


Heather was the first one to the table!!!xmas at erin and marks 200925


Afterwards, preggo Erin was resting and put her feet up….xmas at erin and marks 200912


It was Jameson’s job to do some *THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT TO MARKET*xmas at erin and marks 20099


Our host, son-in-law Mark was also pooped, he had put in a full day at work besides.

xmas at erin and marks 200913


The little guy, staked out by the doggie’s Christmas tree, was waiting eagerly for SANTA! xmas at erin and marks 200915

(Grandmuddah and Grandfaddah Pfun – us – gave him the Sponge Bob jammies)


We decided to drive home for the night afterall, even though the roads were tough, but we only had four miles to get home.  We crawled our way through the snow, our little Saturn never let us down.

On Christmas Day, we drove back over to their house early in the morning for gifts and breakfast…


Ahhh yes, early Christmas morning, the big tree was surrounded by presents!  xmas at erin and marks 200932


And our Little Elf helped to open each and every one!

xmas at erin and marks 200919



After breakfast we sat and visited and were laying around till noon, we then headed down to Green Bay to our son Dan and daughter-in-law Heather, with their tiny angel, our little granddaughter Allegra!

christmas with Allegra0

After more presents, and lots of snuggles and hugs, I even got to feed Allegra her bottle!  Although Heather is breastfeeding, she does put some in bottles so we can all share in the joy of taking care of the little princess.  I even get to babysit her for New Years Eve!

christmas with Allegra3


Now it was time to load up and head down to Appleton, to Steve’s brother Pete’s home.  He was hosting the Pfundtner clan for an evening meal.   Little Allegra, her mommy and daddy drove along in a separate vehicle, so we had room to haul even more presents and food down to Appleton!  We were greeted by the whole clan, all eager to meet the new member of the family.

Great Grandmother Maryann Pfundtner (Steve’s mom) holds her great granddaughter for the first time

xmas 2009 at petes house20


It’s been quite some time since Great Grandfather Paul (Steve’s Dad)  held a wee babe in his arms, but she craned her little neck up to see who this guy was holding her!


Allegra was passed around all evening, from relative to relative, each on marveling at her tiny perfect little self.  Awwwwwww

xmas 2009 at petes house7xmas 2009 at petes house18 

xmas 2009 at petes house16xmas 2009 at petes house6


This Four Generation Family Photo didn’t turn out as expected (sigh) but left to right are:

Great Grandfather Paul, Father Dan, Grandfather Steve and down in the center front is darling little Allegra!

 xmas 2009 at petes house4

We had 13 for dinner, which Pete outdid himself on preparing a feast… and lovely treats, good fellowship, and wonderful bonding afterwards.  It was a great evening, but many of us had to travel a good distance to get home.  The weather was turning worse, so it was time to head out.

Well, this blog entry is now pretty long…. so I will end with the part that we drove home on icy slippery roads, 65 miles, and we all made it home safe and sound.  The roads were treacherous to the north, but we took our time and made the journey.   We wish for


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  1. Those babies are oh so sweet. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday and we did.


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