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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunting Day

Ahhh time to get a fresh cut Christmas Tree!   Usually we put up a huge 18 ft tree that reaches to the top of the cathedral ceiling, but this year all the holiday celebrations will be in town at Erin and Mark’s house.   So we decided to get a smaller 9ft tree that could snug back into the corner next to the fireplace and not be a fire danger.   We have never put a tree in that corner before, so it’s a *new spot* for us this year.

Of course the two doggers got to go along, as it’s a small place out in the country.  We went to a small nursery that has overgrown blue spruce trees.  They let you choose a tree, cut it yourself and toss it in your own truck, nothing fancy.  Ten bucks and you are outta there!


My Lumberjack Man….PICT0006_1


The doggers were allowed to race around off leash… bounding through the snow

We found just what we were looking for… tall, skinny, and able to fit tightly in the cornerPICT0009_1

Steveio did the honors down on his knees to cut with our bow sawPICT0011_1

We didn’t have far for Steveio to drag it back to the truck PICT0017_1

Here I am after we rounded up the doggers, who were still dashing among the trees, having a blast.   Just wait till I decorate up this tree, it won’t look so “Charlie-Brown-ish”

We made it back home before the Packer Game started at noon.

Seeing as I had the camera, I snapped a few pics around the outside of the house
PICT0043_1   PICT0046_1

Our poor motorhome wants to go somewhere, anywhere, just so it’s WARM! PICT0021_1


Sooo that is our life in the Northwoods of Wisconsin…  where the snow fell fast and heavy this week, coating everything with instant whiteness.  Sure puts us in the Christmas Spirit!


And here is the tree... all done up in it's glory!



  1. Nice wintery scenes from the northwoods of Wisconsin. Everything looks very cozy & homey. The one photo of the 2 big doggy guys in the snow is very close to a Christmas post card. The tree looks all warm & snuggly in the corner:))

  2. Enjoyed your whole post. The winter scene around your home was wonderful. You really live in a winter wonderland. Beautiful!

  3. Sounds like a fun day and the tree looks great Karen. Our motor home is saying the same thing as your's--when are you taking me somewhere warm. Another 10 inches of snow last night!

  4. Yah Janna... you being directly west of us, you keep sending it here!!! We are getting it now , thanks! LOL


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