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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Meet Allegra Grace Pfundtner!!!! Our new little granddaughter


Allegra Grace birth day1



 Allegra Grace birth day (12)

Our son, Dan and his little girl…. after a long long night for Mommy.  Heather was busy eating and resting when we took these photos, will get a nice one of her and the baby after she has a chance to shower, fix her hair and pose for pictures.



We snapped these of each other in the waiting room… we waited and waited and waited!

Allegra Grace birth day (15)Steveio the Granfaddah came right from work at 7am as soon as we got the call.


 Allegra Grace birth day

Me, the Grandmuddah, took along plenty of knitting and made myself at home in the waiting room for the duration….



 Allegra Grace birth day (3) Once Allegra was born, we all hit the cell phones to spread the good news! This is Heather’s family, her dad, mom and sister.



Allegra Grace birth day (4)

  Grandpa Phil seems totally at ease with a little girl in his arms.  What a sweet pic!



Allegra Grace birth day (8)

I got some time to cuddle our sweet princess while Mommy ate her dinner.   I kissed her sweet little strawberry blonde head, and welcomed her to our family. 

I cried.     Oh yes,  I cried.


  1. Congratulations Karen.. What can be better than this! Enjoy that new little bundle. She is beautiful....

  2. What a beautiful, precious baby. Congratulations to everyone. We have 2 granddaughters and I'm so happy to have them. They are such a blessing to us as your Allegra will be for you. Have fun, Grandma.

  3. Congratulations Karen. I glad that everyone is doing okay. :)

  4. Steve & Karen: Congratulations to you and your son and daughter-in-law on the birth of the new grandbaby--the photos are precious!


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