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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching up on a few things….


Aahhh  been busy here and trying to see my way to the top of the heap!   We are due for the big storm to hit this afternoon, so gotta finish wrapping up some of these socks and get to the post office before it starts.

Here are some socks done again for orders and gifts… that is something I can do while sitting down….  busy busy busy!

another batch done2 newest batch today0

grannys crazy quilt socks3 december socks2 december socks1 december socks0 another batch done0 newest batch today3 



Let’s see, my icky head cold kept us from going to see our little grandaughter Allegra over the weekend, and now that huge snowstorm on the way will hamper us this week too from going in the evenings after Steveio is done with work.   Can’t wait to hold her in my arms again!


I was at daughter Erin and Mark’s house waiting for the furnace guy to repair their ailing furnace.  We brought over 3 electric and 1 propane heater to keep their pipes from freezing.  So while there, I snapped some pics of the baby nursery…. Erin is due in January!


 PICT0029_1 PICT0031_1 PICT0033_1 PICT0034_1 PICT0035_1

I don’t think this little lady will be shivering cold without any clothes, huh?

PICT0036_1 PICT0053_1  PICT0037_1 PICT0040_1  PICT0045_1



We haven’t started any Christmas decorations yet around the house, other than Steveio putting up the lights outside.  So perhaps this week I will get Steveio to haul up some Xmas stuff from the basement.  Since we are doing all of our family celebrations at Erin and Mark’s house this holiday, I think we will just put up a tree here, and not go all-out like in other years.  My health is still hampered and doing a *lot* of things is taking it’s toll on my energy.   So time to back off and let the kids take over the holidays!


Erin’s house is all done up, pretty good for a gal who is 8 months preggo! 

Where does she get the energy????

PICT0009_1 PICT0012_1 PICT0013_1PICT0017_1 PICT0019_1

They have 2 fireplaces to decorate


Her penguin collection--- and some music boxes from our kid’s childhood years….


The Chihuahua Rat Dog Grandpuppies are all curious about that big belly that is taking up the normal “lap space” that used to be their cuddle territory… 


Won’t be long now, big bellied Momma!


  1. Those sock stretchers sure brought back some memories for me of days long gone by.

  2. Oh yah... I collect those whenevery I see them at rummages or antique shops! Those are great for drying the newly knit wool socks on the first time after washing... it kinda *sets the stitches* and lets the socks form to a good shape for future wear.

  3. The baby's room is so beautiful and "girly". How wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pics with everyone. Get well soon!

  4. Love all the pics Karen, thanks for sharing..


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