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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday was a Busy Baking Day


(this was supposed to be posted on Monday… just a day late here)

I slept in this morning till after 7am!   Whew!  i think all my baking yesterday wore me out!
i did up two of the 5 Minute Fudge Wreaths...   holiday baking1

I did one with milk chocolate and peanut butter chocolate chips and walnuts inside and red/green/white M&Ms on top, and then i did one with dark chocolate and sprinkled in tiny white chocolate chips as I layered into the pan and spirnkled on top... and added some little craisens (cranberry/raisins)

I got the recipe from Linda and Howard at RV Dreams, here is the link:


holiday baking2 


Next I made up a pan of Steveio’s favorite Special K bars (we have been making those instead of Rice Krispie bars, and sprinkled a few tiny white chocolate chips in there too)   I missed taking a pic of those…


I also mixed up a double batch of sugar cookies for cutouts and set the dough to chill while we got a crockpot going with a big turkey breast in it all day... man oh man was the kitchen ever smelling delicious!

holiday baking0

Once the turkey was underway, then i cut out the sugar cookies and baked them during the Packer game... Hey, great kitchen hint!   I bought a roll of baking parchment paper .... at a kitchen supply store.  It comes in a box like tin foil, where you pull out what you need and rip it off the roll.   I lined each cookie pan with that, wow.. no sticking and evenly baked and no burned edges!

We pigged out on the turkey breast for supper, and in the evening I still was not done.   I had defrosted the very last container of frozen cherries from harvesting off Steve’s cherry tree.  I baked up two cherry pies in the evening.   One is in my Momma’s pie dish. holiday baking3


holiday baking4

There were not enough frozen cherries left for a third batch of wine, so he said i could bake them into pies.... he got 52 bottles of wine outta ONE tree this year!

I bought him this tree about 10 years ago, and this was the best harvest ever from it.

cherries0_1spring has sprung 2009


After the pies were done, he decided it was time to get labels on the bottles in time for gift-giving this year.  I helped Steveio by printing up his labels and helping him stick them on the bottles…  bottling and labelling 1


bottling and labelling 0


 bottling and labelling 2


It sure looks like a biggie storm headed this way!  It is supposed to hit  the Great Lakes area for Christmas eve and Christmas day!  

We will be hunkered down at daughter Erin and Mark’s house in town.  We are going there on Thursday and might even stay overnight if the storm is bad... The weathermen said it would be starting with all icy rain, sleet and freezing rain..  then snow..  about 12 hours worth !     

We will be taking the dogs along with us to Erin’s house, so if we do get snowed in, we don’t have to worry about getting back out to our house to let them out. The road coming from town out to our house blows shut easily when it’s windy.  Yesterday, even with no snow falling, we were quite windy.  The blowing creates huge drifts that we had to crawl through with the vehicles to get to town yesterday....  it’s a minor road and does not get plowed too often.

If the main travelling roads are too bad on Friday, we will skip going to Steve’s family celebration in Appleton.   We were going to travel with son Dan and daughterinlaw Heather and the new baby to Appleton.   No way do we want little Allegra out on the roads in that kind of weather!    Daughter Heather and her fiancé Jesse with little Jameson will be with us too at Erin’s on Thursday and Friday, but if it’s too bad on the roads, they will just stay with us too.    A real arctic blast!   Hunker down and make the best of it!


  1. You've been baking up a storm! Maybe that's why the storm is blowing in - LOL!

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. LOL...I bet the kitchen was the coziest place in the house.
    Merry Christmas to the both of you. Stay warm :)

  3. the baking looks great... but I am thinking the wine looks better... nice label too!

  4. OK...I just read your post with the great photos of all the things you been baking....now I have to go get a snack. It all made me very hungry!


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