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Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years --- babysitting with our new little granddaughter, Allegra


We got to spend New Years Eve with our newest grandchild, little Allegra!    Now if Erin has that baby soon, grandchild number three will be here, and we can babysit them ALL! 


wallpaper (left to right: Allegra, unborn Baby Lock, and Jameson 17 months old)


Our son, Dan and daughterinlaw, Heather went out with friends to celebrate for the evening, so they loaded us up with two diaper bags full of gear, two insulated tote bags of bottles of breast milk, and LOTS of wetwipes and diapers!    tee heeee  Allegra was only staying overnight, 20 hours total from start to finish.  But we were geared up for two weeks at the least!  LOL

Erin and Mark were babysitting for little Jameson, (Heather and Jesse went out too)  so they brought him over for a visit too.   Each one of them got in practice cuddles with Allegra, as their own little baby girl will be here any day now too.

new years eve 2009 with allegra13new years eve 2009 with allegra12 


I got in my required doses of Grandmuddah Cuddles! new years eve 2009 with allegra11

Sadly about 3 a.m., I started coming down with an icky stomach flu, so I stopped cuddling Allegra and Grandfaddah Pfun took over the duties!   He did great with heating bottles of breastmilk, changing diapers, and doing just the right pats and wiggles to get out all the gas bubbles!   I sure hope I didn’t pass on the flu to the little angel…..

 new years eve 2009 with allegra3 new years eve 2009 with allegra4

He jumped right in to do the “Baby Duty”…  the first time he could spend time with her, without all us women fluttering around and taking the baby away.  It was all second nature to him to take over. 

 new years eve 2009 with allegra5 new years eve 2009 with allegra7


I just LOVE this pic below… it shows such loving care from her Grandfaddah Pfun!new years eve 2009 with allegra8

He did such a great job from 5 a.m. on, taking care of her and bonding…. I managed to get in some rest, but also snap some pics, but kept my distance now knowing I had the flu.


new years eve 2009 with allegra10


Then about noon it was time to bring her home!   Her parents had a nice chance to recover from hangovers, go out to breakfast alone and do a bit of errand running.  By noon they decided they missed her TOO MUCH and wanted her back!  awwwww

new years eve 2009 with allegra2 So we bundled her up in layers upon layers (was 10 below zero wind chills here this morning)  and piled all her gear back into her multiple diaper bags… started the car up 10 minutes early to warm it up inside, and then we sent her home.  Steve drove her home while I stayed at our house to rest.   She slept the entire trip home, about 40 miles, to be safely delivered into the arms of her very happy, happy parents.

new years eve 2009 with allegra1new years eve 2009 with allegra0


On New Year’s Eve, it was also “Once In A Blue Moon” so I managed to get this shot out the side door….brrrr it sure was COLD out there!

once in a blue moon0


  1. :) thanks for sharing. I hope you feel better soon. Love the photos!!

  2. Awwwww. What perfect photos of perfect "grands". That was nice of you both to babysit so the kids could have a night out. I know you had fun.

    Hope you are over the stomach flu by now.


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