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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exercise for the motorhome day… and a new chair~!

We took the motorhome for it's exercise run.  The motorhome needs to be run at least once a month... we did it in November but missed December.   So we decided that it was a good day to do so.
exercise day 2010 January0

It was above freezing, though it was rainy and icky. 
exercise day 2010 January5

Steveio is the happiest when driving his rig.
exercise day 2010 January4

Yes, the dogs get to come along too, they have a conniption fit if we don't take them along
exercise day 2010 January7exercise day 2010 January6

We drove 28 miles up to Marinette and stopped at Shopko to buy a new Euro Chair and ottoman for our motorhome.    We had previously discussed getting this chair and ottoman. We currently had 2 couches and Steve thought we could use more room by taking one out.  So we decided we could remove the couch on the right and use that space with a Euro Chair, ottoman, and slide over the coffee table during transit.  Sometimes I have my table loom set up, so now that can ride behind my passenger chair.  The passenger chair also swivels around to face the livingroom too.
couch recovering after (1024x768)

The chair had been $240 bucks, but now on sale this week for $99 bucks!   We decided we could stop and pick it up right from the store.  We loaded it up into a shopping cart in pieces right out of the box, leaving the box in the store at the service desk. The box was too big to fit through the doorway anyhow.  One less thing for us to dispose of.   We assembled it in the motorhome while parked right there in the parking lot.  Pretty nice chair for the price, made from microfiber; It reclines, swivels and rocks as does the ottoman too.
exercise day 2010 January2

Goodwill was located right across the street, and was open and accepting donations on a Sunday.   2 guys came out and helped carry the extra couch right out the door of the motorhome and into the store. 
exercise day 2010 January1

exercise day 2010 January3

Then we drove on back home, and parked the rig again till next month.... 
wish we could keep going and going and going-----


  1. Great looking chair...and a great idea, too. I bet the folks at the Goodwill don't have an RV pull up to make a donation just any old day of the week! Funny.

  2. Yep, I know that feeling about going & going & going. Your couch & chair switch reminds me of the time we sold our dinette, couch, & chair in Quartzite & replaced it all with Ikea stuff in Phoenix a few days later. We have always found RV furniture to be very uncomfortible.

  3. Wish you guys could toodle on do to Quartzsite and join us for some warm sunshine! Love the new remodel!

  4. It looks like such fun....my husband won't even talk about such a thing...he is a stick in the mud!!!
    And oh, do I wish you WERE here to help me with this loom......there were a couple of board pieces missing......the lady just called me, and she found them....but I am still missing the metal brake release, dog and pawl....oh dear.


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