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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Campground Review- Flowing Well in the Hiawatha National Forest near Rapid River, MI


This was during the last weekend of October in 2008, for my birthday.  We went north to find the few remaining open campgrounds to go for the weekend. We crossed the Michigan border into the U.P. of Michigan, and drove through Escanaba, first stopping at a seafood store for fresh Alaskan crab legs!   That was gonna be my special birthday dinner the next night. 

We drove up through Rapid River to the few remaining open campgrounds in the Hiawatha National Forest.   First we drove through Haymeadow Creek Campground, but there were a few campers in there, and although it was free camping, some folks looked like they moved in permenantly.   So we decided to drive cross country 18 miles on a single lane dirt forestry road over to Flowing Well Campground and check that place out too. 

dirt roads

It started raining as we drove over to Flowing Well, so we pulled in, nose first into a nice site (number 10)  and parked it right then and there.  That is a nice thing about a motorhome, we can pull in, park, hit the buttons on the dash to lower the levelers if uneven, and never leave the rig.   We turned on the heat, curled up and took a nap till the rain stopped!  What an easy method of travel.  After many years with travel trailers, pop ups, and all that hooking, unhooking, leveling, putting out toted gear, and arranging stuff… this motorhome sure makes it EASY!


Once the sun came out, we ventured out to snap a few pics and look around.  We were the ONLY ones in the entire campground.  How nice is that?   This shot is the one I use on the top of the blog page!   smaller of our rig


Here is the link to the websites

Flowing Well Campground

Haymeadow Creek Campground

There are 10 spacious sites, (though some are slated to close up next year)   some situated along the bank overlooking the Sturgeon River. Tables and fire rings are at each site. Safe tested water is obtainable from the picnic area fountain, and pit toilet facilities are available in the campground.


 flowing well

We walked down to the Flowing Well, it was sulfery and stinky…. reminded me of the Fountain of Youth when we had to gone to St. Augustine in Florida.   Then we wandered through the sites…. we realized we got the BEST site overlooking a bend in the river, with a GREAT view out the front windshield of motorhome.   It’s wonderful to be in rustic parks, where they don’t make you park a certain way etc.   We would have missed this view if we had to back in.

 the view


The river was calm and quiet and deep.  No Swimming here, but I bet the fishing was great!   Steve never got around to picking up a Michigan fishing license that year, so he didn’t dip in a line. 

the sturgeon river


Walking along from campsite to campsite, we stopped a bit at a table to rest and look around.   The woods were full of birds and we saw what we thought was a fox, darting among the underbrush. birthday weekend (3)

Some glimpses between the trees….

 sturgeon river

We had a cozy night with temps down below freezing, but we were warm and dry and comfy inside the motorhome.  A cup of coffee, morning sunshine and a smile from my guy, what more does a gal need on her birthday????

birthday weekend 2008 (5)


One thing we really really appreciate on our motorhome is the bright large windows all around!  When the sun shines in, the whole rig is light and bright and sunshiney.  Many motorhomes are so dark and tunnel-ish.  This is one of the reasons we selected this motorhome over others.  The lighter western alder woodwork gleams such a nice gold, and the big windows let in plenty of the outdoor scenery.  


birthday weekend 2008 (7)

This was such a quiet perfect morning, with the sun streaming in, the coffee in the air, the total peace and quiet of not another soul around.  This is OUR kind of camping!

The dogs relax and enjoy the morning sunshine too….birthday weekend 2008 (9)

I love going from window to window, all around the rig, and seeing green green green!


We took another walk around the park, and filled out a questionere letter about the proposed closing of some of the campsites in the park.  Later I got a followup letter explaining the budget cuts and which sites were occupied more than others, and some needed closing for erosion and safety reasons.  Luckily site number 10 stays!  It was the best one in the campground for our needs.birthday weekend (8)


It was so nice to draw back the curtains and look out over the ridge down onto the river….

 birthday weekend (9)


Our dogs are an important part of our camping experience, it also gives us the excuse to get out and walk more, get fresh air and exercise, and let our doggers sniff sniff sniff- their favorite past-time and reason for camping, in their opinions.

the doggers


As we took one more loop through the campground, a little guy was lagging behind….birthday weekend 2008 (3)


Now, as the day went on,  after we made lunch, took a nap, and then looked at some maps, Steveio said “Gee, I wonder how it is over at Haymeadow Campground???”  

Well, this is why our rig has WHEELS underneath it!  We pulled up the jacks, tossed the dishes into the sink, and drove BACK over the 18 miles of gravel forestry road over to the Haymeadow Campground!   (that will be the next one I make a review on in the next blog)


  1. I like your light and bright MH, too. That campground looks like a real find. Nice post.

  2. What a beautiful place. I agree about the windows. It can be pretty gloomy in my TT, except when the sun is out.


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