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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fun at the Piggly Wiggly!~


I had an errand to run over to the neighboring town today.  Daughter Heather came up with my grandson Jameson for the afternoon, so we all went together.  Stopped at the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store JUST to use this special shopping cart. 


grocery store day16grocery store day14


All I really needed was a loaf of bread, but Jameson was having such a blast that we kept going up and down aisles, picking out more things to put in the cart. 

 grocery store day3 

Heather pushed while I snapped pics

grocery store day8  

This is stuff we dreamed of doing when we were kids… gosh they make such fun things for kids nowadays!   We only got to hang off the cart and hope we didnt catch our feet under the wheels when we were little---


He was the Banana Man!

grocery store day18


Forty five dollars later, it was time to hit the checkout!

grocery store day6



We noticed the other *truck cart* out in the parkinglot actually had a steering wheel inside of it… so next time we will be sure to grab THAT one!


  1. I'm going to ask Kelly if she would push me around in a nice cart like that if we ever make it to a Wiggly Pigly:)) Might have to lather myself up to squeeze in then get a crowbar to pry me out:((

  2. That loaf of bread got pretty expensive. That's what makes being a Grandma so much fun, though. We can make sure those precious little "grands" get to have a lot of fun with the simple stuff in life.

  3. OH Al.. they have TWO of those truck carts. Kelly can push you one, and I can push grandson Jameson in the other. We can RACE! LOL ....

    Thanks Margie, yes it's our duty to take the time for the fun stuff with our grandkids. As young parents often can get busy with earning a living, now we grandparents can enjoy the fun times with small ones.


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