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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Campground Review - Laura Lake in the Nicolet National Forest of Wisconsin


(this is one of series of posts of various campgrounds we have been to over the years... I am going through my files in alphabetical order and posting past camping trips in my blog.... something to do over this long long winter---- sigh)



Laura Lake 200928

This lovely little lake is a secret hideaway…. no motors allowed so it is VERY quiet! Here is the link to their website:   http://www.fs.fed.us/r9/cnnf/rec/camping/nic_15.html

We camped here in August of 2009.  

Well spaced out sites, all under a thick canopy of trees. I get an AT&T wireless aircard signal and cell phone signal from here. Rustic sites with fire-ring, picnic table and multiple outhouses (pit toilets) around the park. Well pump for water. No faucets or showers. Recycling cans at the entrance. Swimming area is on the neighboring lake just a short walk from this campground. There are walking paths around the lake, and a biking trail too (though we didn't go on it) Very quiet well-kept campground.

campground map

Many of the sites here overlook the lake, with wonderful views. We stayed in site number 7, right along the water.   We like these type of sites located close to the water, so we can carry our small aluminum fishing boat right to the shoreline.  Then we don’t have to struggle with trying to launch it by backing down the boat ramp with our huge motorhome.  Sometimes, if faced with a long distance to the water, we ask a neighboring camper to please back our boat in at the ramp for us, and offer a beer or some homebaked goodies in return.


Laura Lake 20097


After backing in the trailer, we unhooked the boat to carry down to the lake… but Steveio decided we needed a beer break first.  Tee hee.  See how nice I painted the trailer to match our motorhome?  And the seats on the boat, the oars, and even the anchor!   Give this gal a brush and a bucket of paint, and she is DANGEROUS!

Laura Lake 200940

We later pushed the trailer off to the side of the campsite so it was outta the way. 


The loons are out on the lake, calling to each other throughout the evening.

Laura Lake 20095

We put the boat out on the lake for an evening lap around with just the battery powered trolling motor pushing us across the water.  Quiet and peaceful.


Fishing is large and small mouth bass, and the loons kept coming near the boat to see what we are doing. 

Laura Lake 200914


The next day we hopped in the boat with our poles and took off to the other side of the lake.  It was very relaxing to get out and do some fishing.. though it was a cloudy day and rain was forecast.   We didn’t catch much, but it was fun nevertheless.

Laura Lake 20099Laura Lake 200911


At times the lake was smooth as glass….

Laura Lake 200920

But it did rain - finally... and boy oh boy did it come down!!!   Filled up the boat pretty well, so Steveio had to go out and bail bail bail!   Everything got drenched, including the deep cycle marine battery and the small electric trolling motor.  Good thing we brought up the tackle boxes, poles and lifejackets.  They were stowed in the motorhome and dry.

 Laura Lake 20092Laura Lake 20093


Though it was dark and dreary.. the woods and water have their own beauty too.

Laura Lake 200944


This is one of our favorite camping toys…. its a small lantern from Coleman, SOOO much better than hauling around those big camping lanterns, breaking their glass lens, or their fragile mantles.  This one kept the same mantle going all summer. 

Laura Lake 20098 


The afternoon was nicer, so first we picked some berries along the road.  We walked on over to the other lake, Gordon, where the swimming beach was.  After checking that out, it looked like the skies were really clearing up.   So we hopped on the Honda Helix and took a ride around the area.  It’s nice to explore and pick up anything we forgot to pack on the way back to the campground.   We love the backroads….

Laura Lake 200921


Laura Lake 200922


Laura Lake 200924

Don’t ya just love these winding country roads?  I can almost smell the fresh air, rich deep woods and pungent pines as I look at this photo!

Laura Lake 200927


Later on we decided to take a few sassy dogs out in the boat… they are used to going in our canoe too.  We stayed near the shoreline and cruised around the edges of the lake.


They ride good and behave themselves….      checking out what is down there!

Laura Lake 200936Laura Lake 200937


Laura Lake 200938Laura Lake 200939


It was another quiet evening on the lake..  but the clouds rolled in for another rainy night,  at least we got in some fishing, boating and scooter riding!  It’s never a wasted day when camping in the motorhome.  Whether we are inside or outside, we are happy!

  Laura Lake 200943



We sure don't want to leave, and will be back again.


  1. The doggies sure look like they're having fun!

    Great job on the trailer et al!

  2. Yup, the dogs are happy to hop right in. They go on four wheeler ATV's too.

    I *knitted* Steveio that boat for his birthday. He was looking at small fishing boats, the same day I got a big check in the mail for a large knitted sock order. So it was easy come = easy go, and he got a Knitted Boat for a present!

  3. What a beautiful campground, I enjoyed the tour. Your dogs sure are beautiful. Looks like they love to go camping. Our dog does, too. Now she loves to be a fulltiming dog.

    Loved the pics of the still waters on the lake and the loons.

  4. Looks like some nice places. You may have motivated me to do a campground review of the places we have been also... big project but it is a good way to organize your travels.

    Nice blog!

  5. Thanks Margie... Our dogs want us to be fulltimers, they don't understand that we need to put in 3 more years yet. Then the pension coffers can fill with retirement funds to buy their doggie biscuits!

    Thanks Randy and Pam. I decided to do the reviews in alphabetical order because that is how the photos show up in my files. Something to do over a long dreary snowed-in winter!


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