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Monday, September 14, 2009

Reluctantly starting a blog ....

Ok... since I joined RVDreams, everyone asks if I have a blog.... I usually just direct them to the Picassa page with our camping photos. But I figured I might as well start a blog at least with some information about us...

I really didn't want to start a real blog till we retire and begin fulltiming.

Right now, between my weaving and camping buddies I write to via YahooGroups on a regular basis, plus sending out pics to family and friendsd via email, I keep connected quite well with the ones who take an interest in my meager and palty life. LOL

Soooo this post on this blog can serve as a place to list my other websites:

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  1. Great Job Karen -- Looking forward to keeping up with you as you make preparations to full time.
    Jenny J


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