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Monday, September 14, 2009

For Goodness SNAKE!

Ok.. trying this here to post pics ... folks in chat want to see the snake that snuck in our house ...(happened last fall)

Steveio was my HERO.... at first he tried a rake.. then a snowshovel worked the best to scoop it right out the door!


  1. Oh, golly, Karen, if I saw one like that in my house, I think I would have a heart attack!!
    Having no 'hero', I think that I would have to call the game warden. I would be scared to take my eyes off it, while I went to the shed to get a shovel. If it slithered away, I wouldn't know where to look for it, and that would be even more scary. I need to "Be Prepared", and come up with some kind of a plan in case that happened to me. I would be scared to let the cats track it, as it might bite them!!
    Urgh. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Oh, it's definitely time to move into the MH!! LOL You are a brave girl!!
    We haven't met you, but linked to your blog from one of the other Dreamers...keep up the blogging...you're doing great! Hope to meet you on the road! M&B


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