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Sunday, September 27, 2009

(continued) Best Site in the Whole Park! Peshtigo State Forest camping

Our camping here in the woods will be soon coming to an end... so we will have to remember this scene in our minds... and by the pics of this lovely campsite.  Too soon it will be snowing, blowing, and blustery winter, covering everything in a thick blanket of white.  So let's enjoy THIS while we can! The fall colors are just about at their peak in this area, the hardwoods are a blaze of glory!
The calm and peaceful day was perfect for Mr. Steveio Fisherman to take out his rod and bait, and go see what he can find in the little lake.   He has to fish from shore, as boats (or noisy jet-skis) are not allowed on this lake.  Preserves the peacefulness and wildlife to be enjoyed by folks like us.

He was VERY successful!

Just LOOK at that wonderful whopper of a fish!  I bet we will cook it up, and have a hearty dinner!  
(he really tossed it back)

I got in some serious sock-cranking....  working on an order of FIVE pairs of purple and green socks for a gal's shop down in New Glarus, WI.  Seems the purple and green combos are her BEST sellers???   Last week I did a bunch more purple and green ones, so I am frankly getting sick of working with the colors!   Then I started a few other pairs too to build up my stash in my online store.  This is an antique machine that I make real wool socks on.  It takes about an hour a pair. I love taking along my machine, as it's so portable. It sure is a fun way to make the things I enjoy making, while combined with my other favorite, camping!
The sunshine was warm, the smell of the rustly leaves was pungent, and the birds were singing .. .what a great place! Give me my mug of coffee, and some soft celtic music playing on the MP3 player with little external speakers.    Steveio was busy fishing and the dogs were busy dozing, at least till lunch time.
After lunch, we decided to take a little walk around the lake.  It was a well-marked path that doubles as a snowmobile trail in the winter months.  (another reminder that soon this will be covered in a thick blanket of snow!)  We keep the dogs on leashes when walking in the deep woods, because, although they mind well, there could be a bear wandering around.  We carry a large canister of Bear Spray, hopefully enough to deter one if approaching the dogs...  never had to use it yet... most bears hear you coming and get outta your way.  So we are sure to make enough noise to know we are there.

Taking a little break on the far side of the pond.  The DNR just put this bench here, it wasn't here a few weeks ago when we checked out this campground?   It was a nice spot to rest and snap a few photos. The weather was in the low 70's, no bugs, and nobody was breaking a sweat to walk around the lake.  I had my lovely walking stick (from a clearance table in a Flying J truckstop, no less)   It was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.
Of course our doggers, /Duke a.k.a. Dukie Palookie the Sheltie, and Duchess a.k.a. Dumb Ducky the Collie have to pose for a photo opportunity!
                                                         Plus a little sip of lake water.....

Back to the campsite... and time to start up some supper. Seeing as my wonderful fishing husband failed to provide us with supper, it was open the freezer and take out some ready-caught salmon to throw on the grill.  A cheesecake for dessert was the highlight, before we wandered down to the lake to watch the sunset.
Without any clouds in the sky, the sunset was a little dull...but of course with no clouds, that meant plenty of stars in the sky once it got dark!   We lit a campfire and sat out watching the stars and enjoying the calm quiet evening.

The moon was coming up through the trees, so I tried the Night Mode on my camera... it kinda worked out.  We wandered into the motorhome after the fire died down... took nice hot showers and crawled into fresh clean sheets.... thinking about the guy in the tent down the road who was washing his hair today at the hand pumping well of ice cold water...brrrrrrrr    I don't condone anyone using soap at a place of water source, but the ranger had already gone through for the day.  I wasn't about to go criticize him for his actions, because I think ice cold water on the scalp is punishment enough!
Woke up now Sunday morning at 4 am to coyotes howling!  They were pretty close by, to be able to hear them through the insulated walls and dual paned windows of the motorhome.  Usually most outside sounds are drowned out when we are inside. 
Now the coffee's perking and smells oooohh soooo gooood!   Going to bake some biscuits in a little while, add some Eggbeaters scrambled eggs and a slice of turkey ham (Steveio is watching his cholestrol)    our own Egg McPfundtner's!  LOL

Watching the weather this morning, and Wisconsin is due for some gale force winds along the lakeshore later this afternoon and evening!   Big thunder storms, heavy rains and the winds are going to make it a challenge to drive home if we leave too late in the day like we planned.
Perhaps it's a good idea to pack up about noon and head home before it begins. 


  1. I love the socks! You are so talented! That looks like such a lovely spot. And beautiful dogs, by the way!

  2. Good looking socks! I'd never heard of a sock machine before. Great blog Karin and terrific pictures.

  3. Thanks Sandra... the doggers sure love to go camping! They are pouting now as we head for home. They *know* ....

    Rick & Paulette, thanks too for the compliment on the pics. Of course I take 200 and have to pick out the best 10 or so. LOL The sockknitting machine is a cool toy, but sometimes frustrating and finicky too. ARggghhhh.

  4. I am soooo jealous! What a great place! Thanks for a wonderful post, I'm there with ya in spirit.

  5. Oh.. you'll be out there soon! Before you know it, you two will be Sailors of the Concrete Sea!

    Sure wish WE could go and go and goooooo

  6. Nice looking park your in & I like the idea of coffee & Celtic music too. I also see you are fellow dog people & from what you have written to-day I see you are people like us who appreciate the peace & tranquility of the outdoors. You have a nice easy to read site as well. You can count us in as followers. Toodles.....AL:))


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