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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Camping at Morgan Park in Marinette County, WI Northwoods

All set up here in a small Marinette County campground, called Morgan Park on Timm's Lake.... Found a very nice site that is usually reserved up till Labor Day, now it's first come first served here till the end of hunting season in November. Rates are $15 a night with electric, water spigots are around the park here and there. If you stay longer than 2 weeks, you can get a better rate of $10 a day. Just outhouses, no other amenities.  There is a dump station down at one end for a $5 fee.

Our site is kinda like a natural *deck* overlooking the sites below, and ringed with timbers to prevent erosion.   Seems like a nice place, usually full in mid-summer so we never came here before.  Now there are a few vacant sites around us, so it's pretty quiet and peaceful.  All wooded and shady, with a faint cell and aircard signal.

We set up early, and grilled some salmon on the small tabletop grill, and had fresh baked apple pie for dessert.  Hmmmm this roughing it is really tuff, ya know?

Met up with some folks the live up our river a ways at home, and chatted with them and their relatives around a campfire last night.  It was peaceful sleeping and we are relaxed and enjoying the weekend here.

Got a bit chilly last night, down at least to 40, perhaps colder, but it was 40 when we got up at 7am.  The doggers let us sleep in, which was a nice treat too.  We took a nice long walk this morning with coffee cups in hand, the doggers sniffed all they could sniff and we turned back.  Saw some maps for some trails that go up onto an overlook that we will take later, after lunch.


Whittled away the rest of the morning with a few chores in the rig, and then Steveio helped me take my table loom outside under the awning.   I wove up 2 dishtowels, sipping coffee, chatting with Steveio until he dozed off in his chair.  Now this is the way it should be!

It's a great day with temps in the low 70's and comfortable and peaceful.


Tomorrow some folks have rented the big lodge by the lake for a family party and are going to be roasting a pig!   They just put the frozen pig in the roaster as I type this, and are seasoning it up and putting it onto the big rotisserie unit to start it up. I think it takes about 20 hours to cook. It's a huge unit made from a big household oil heating tank, with a big power geared unit to rotate the pig, and i think the flame below is LP, and they are adding charcoal briquettes too.  Quite a process! The neighboring campers said go over and introduce ourselves and get invited to their party!  LOL

The drying weeds were just sparkling like misty fog on our walk this morning.

We decided to take a mile hike this morning up to an overlook, and took Duchess along... she thinks she is sooo smart leading the way! 

(we left Drag-Butt-Dukie-Palookie in the motorhome as we knew he wouldn't make it up there and back again)

Our walk led us around a big swamp first, and through some dense woods.  The ferns here are still fresh and green, but as we climbed higher,

..the ferns were getting yellower and yellower, soon to turning brown and curling up, all crisp and dried.

The colors were getting brighter and bolder as we reached the top of the overlook...  it was a wonderful day for a hike, and a half mile uphill was just about enough for me...  LOL

Of course she had to show off that SHE reached the top FIRST!!!

What a lovely view from way up there, it was pretty and breezy and we rested for a bit.

Okay.. here is the view from the top... and that is our lake and campgrounds wayyyyyy over there!

We hobbled our way back to the campsite and made up some lunch  ... Bratwurst on the grill, and tuned in the Packer game on the radio  (couldn't get any CBS stations up there)  and listened as they foibled and fumbled and fought their way to almost tying  the game, but nope....   they lost. 

We enjoyed the sunshine and the peace and quiet of the campsite till it was time to meander home again.

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