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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Got a lot done for a Wednesday--

Ohhh the day is starting out with lovely sunshine and temps will only be in the 70's... MY kind of day!

Today is only Wednesday, so can't start loading up the motorhome for camping till tomorrow... I turn on the fridge on thursday mornings so it's nicely cooled down by the evening to load up the groceries. Not sure where we are going yet, our camping friends Sharon and Fred might want to go camping this weekend... waiting to see.

Plopped a turkey breast in the slow cooker to sit all day.. .will make the house smell great and be a delicious meal too. Plus the leftovers can be sandwiches, soup and casseroles for the next few days. Daughter Erin might stop by for supper again, so told her to bring some hard rolls on her way here. Living out in the country, it's not easy to run to the store for a few things. With the detour around another 5-6 miles while they work on the bypass, it's even longer to get to town.

Working on more baby shower ideas. My good friend Janis, over in St. Paul MN, and I are working out a barter deal for some of her luscious lotions, homemade soaps etc. for shower party favors, and she adores my warm woolen socks! What a bargain! Check out her stuff at :
or email her at: rustic_hearth_soaps@msn.com

Started a new rug this morning .... alternating stripes of black/white checkered fabric, and interspersed sections of a double solid black stripe. Kinda modern for my rustic, country tastes, but someone will love it and want it, I am sure. Cut the big Birch Tree Rug free from the loom that I finished yesterday, and now going to twist the fringes during TV tonight. If you really know me, you know I can't just sit still.. have to have *something* in my hands to work on, even when we sit in front of the boob tube.
Nothing good on anyhow.

Also hemmed up a few more towels this afternoon, tossed em in the washer and dryer... they came out nice! I have been weaving them 38 inches long as they shrink up to just under 30 inches when done, making a nice thick thirsty towel... They are a soft green weft with natural creamy warp, done in an 8 harness pattern. (can't really see details in the pic, but it's a nice detailed lacy stripe)

Worked on this tote bag too, got the side seams sewn, and a button stitched on for the closure. I just LOVE these jewel tones, and have enough fabric I think for 4 or 5 more totes of this pattern.

Today is judging day up in Superior, WI at the State Home and Community Education (HCE) for the Cultural Arts that won on the county level last May. Wish we could have gone, the camping up that way is lovely! Our county club officers took my entries along for me.

My wool socks, herb-dyed scarf, and handwoven wall hanging are up for state judging, stiff competition from all around the state, so don't expect too much. But it's fun to make it this far, to the state level. Our club officer will let us know tomorrow or Friday if our items were noted in any placements. A few of us had items go from our county group of over 200 members.

Well.. now it's late afternoon and I need to get supper on the table.. that turkey breast in the slow cooker sure came out good!

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