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Friday, September 25, 2009

Best Site in the Whole Park! Peshtigo State Forest camping

Ahhh darling hubby swept me away into the woods for the weekend... we are up in the Peshtigo State Forest, in a tiny campground on a small pond.  It's toally peace and quiet here....   out of 16 rustic (no hookups) sites, we got the BEST one....  and only one other tent here, with nobody around. 

We spent an hour watching a funny red squirrel go up and down a nearby tree, trying out each of it's perches on the dead stump branches to peer out at us.  Seems pretty brave, as we were sitting within 10 feet away in our lounge chairs, with two sleeping dogs between us.

Working on cooking supper now, Steveio is grilling out chicken breasts and I am working on potatoes and sweet corn in the rig... so thought I would check for an air-card signal...YAAA  3 bars!  (that is better than I do at home!) .... so later after I take some pics, I will add some to this post.

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