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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Harvest Day for Steveio

Well.. today is the long-awaited Harvest Day for my Steveio....

I bought him six different white grape varieties for his birthday two years ago.
He has carefully nursed his vines, and this is the first year they have borne enough fruit to be made into wine.... He made a little arbor alongside our house.

He will be squishing them in his little old wine press and starting the fermenting process.

I also bought him a cherry tree about 10 years ago
which had a bumper crop of cherries this year.

We harvested them the night before we were due to go camping, so we pitted them as fast as we could at home before we left. There was still a few buckets worth remaining, so we packed them up in the motorhome and took them along camping! We pitted those while sitting around the campfire and hauled them back home in coolers.

So now he already has two large carboys of cherry wine brewing up, soon to be bottled.
I think 4 cases worth of bottles for those batches.

What a guy!
And we get to enjoy the *fruits of his labors* ....wheeeeeee

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  1. Great blog, Karen. I just ran across it tonight. Keep up the good work - we'll be following along!


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