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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Cookie Treats

Shhhhh don't tell any of the Pfundtners for the family gathering tomorrow.... 
or any of our kids and grandkids either for that matter! 

Here is the treat I was working on today------
 I saw a post on Facebook with a link to this page:

This has been a blast!   

First, I  decided to use a good sticky firm frosting, so I wrote an email to my buddy Donna, of Sam & Donna http://samdonna-5thwheelvagabonds.blogspot.com/    She made us some great brownies that had a firm solid frosting when she was here this summer.  

She said:
Use chocolate chips.. add a couple tablespoons of butter/margarine for every 12 oz of chips

heat in micro about 2 minutes....dont do it too long or will burn.
chips will still look whole until you stir....if too think add warm water a little at a time until it is consistency you want.

What to do first?  Start with the tails, add a bead of frosting along one edge,
stick in five candy corns and lay the tails flat on their backs to dry.... 

I was fortunate to find three different colors of candy corns for the tail feathers....

Next, stick the bases to the tails with a gob of frosting
 and wedge up against a flat surface to dry
(tails are still on their backs)

Now take mini Reese's peanut butter cups, shave off one side
and then stick them into place with gob of frosting
 on both sides that touch each of the cookies

add a malted milk ball (Whoppers) for the head,
again with a good dollop of frosting.
(they are still laying on their backs)  

Now that I knew it was gonna work, I started up two trays of turkeys,
and had them all firming in between sessions by sliding trays into the fridge.

I was on a roll now, so I ran to the store and got more cookies, and more peanut butter cups.

I had a whole assembly line going-------
(2 packs of Oreo Double Stuff is enough for 33 birds)

Now the fun starts..
This time, using white chocolate chips,  I melted it down the same way I melted the brown ones.
Using a wooden shishkabob skewer, put tiny dabs of white frosting for tiny eyes,
with a black candy sprinkle for the centers,
and stuck on cut off tips of candy corn for the beaks.

Then I added yellow food coloring to the leftover white frosting.
With this yellow, I started making little legs on the base cookies
 Each little turkey is getting his own distinct personality!

Now I changed over to red food coloring and made the
turkey waddle coming down alongside the beak.

I am taking 2 dozen of these silly little guys along to the family gathering tomorrow in Neenah with the Pfundtners, and saving the rest of them for Sunday, when all our kids and grandkids are coming to our house for the day....  I think they are going to look adorable, setting at each place on the table!

I hope everyone has a day of THANKFULNESS, LOVE AND LAUGHTER......


  1. Those are the cutest turkeys. There was a time when I would have joined you in making these. But for just Jim and I, he'll just have to eat the oreo cookie.

  2. I'm thinking you need to have your own cooking show on Food Network. From the things you cook in your easy bake oven to the cookie turkeys (turkey cookies?), people will be fascinated.

  3. You did a great job on these! Happy Thanksgiving..

  4. Great Job Karen! Have a WONDERFUL day/weekend with the kids!

  5. LOL this is just way too cool!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving...


  6. I saw that recipe somewhere but decided it was way too much work--they are adorable though!

  7. they are just the cutest cookies...but look like alot of work to me...you have patience my dear...have a wonderful thanksgiving!!! Those cookies will be a big hit for sure...

  8. Howdy Karen,


    It sure takes patience to do EVERYTHING you do;

    spinning, knitting, weaving,COMPLICATED cooking,

    painting houses and driving the BIG BEAUTIFUL


    You are, no I guess that's Steve, truly blessed.

    Hope you are having nice weather..


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