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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow - A Little Knitter - and a NEW Motorhome????

Well, this past Wednesday was not kind to Wisconsin.  Up in our neck of the woods we got lambasted with rain, then slushy sleet and finally snow on top.  About 6 or 7 inches is my best guess.  I snapped these pics when I had to go over to the neighbor's house to let out his dogs (they hated it too and went right back in)  It was very thick and wet clingy snow.  A lot of neighboring communities had power outages and broken trees from the heavy snows, but we were lucky and our power stayed on.

 I suppose it looks nice and all, but am I ready for this?  I guess it means that Winter has really begun.  Sigh.   And you all know how I feel about that????   YUCK!

On days like this, I just like to stay inside and work on getting more socks listed in my Etsy store.  I also started a new ArtFire Store to further promote my socks, rugs, hats and other fiber products.
I can now accept credit cards!!!  
I have signed up with ProPay, 
so I have more options with my customers who don't care to deal with Paypal.  
I can accept payments from folks with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express!

Saturday morning started out with a fun task.  Steve and I went down to our son Dan's house to help him put in a new vanity and sink and lights in his bathroom.  Daughterinlaw Heather and I supervised and ordered some pizza for a lunch treat.  

Little Allegra was the plumber's helper and she decided she had to assist, and took a screwdriver to the vanity cabinet!  (we took it away before she could scratch anything)   What a good helper-girl and she will soon need her own toolbox!  ---hint to Santa---

While the guys worked on the plumbing job, (with THREE trips to Home Depot) we women hung out and cuddled Allegra, talked "new-baby-to-come" talk, and watched some kiddie videos on the tv.  Little Allegra kept us entertained with her antics, and Tiger the sassy Grandpuppy was into tons of mischief himself.   He kept grabbing my balls of knitting yarns and taking off with them. 

The cute little stinker had to learn to knit too, and was busy busy busy with some needles and ball of yarn. She also put some finishing touches on a camo hat that I knit up.  Sooo enthused to be just like her Granmuddah?

Just look at that concentration on her little face? 

Now for the last part of my title of today's blog... 
Oh my!

Not for us----- (fooled ya, huh?)  but for our friends Sharon and Fred!  They ordered a brand spanking new Tiffin Open Road motorhome right from the factory!   It was delivered up to their dealer in Wausau this week and they went over on Friday to learn about it and take it home.  What a beauty!!!!  

We stopped by on our way home from Green Bay to give it a gander.   Whewwww  what a sharp looking rig!

We caught them in between loading it up and visiting relatives coming over to take a gander at it.  They have three slides, all ceramic tile flooring throughout, a great floor plan and all LED lights inside.  It's a sensible layout with a lot of nice amenities. The color combo inside (French Roast) is the nicest of the 3 choices they had, and really is a good decor.  Sorry I didn't get any inside shots, we were too busy oogling!  When ordering, Sharon insisted on adding a gas oven, and deleted the convection/micro combo and just have a micro.  (that is what I would do too)   We oogled and awed and explored their rig from top to bottom.  We are sooo happy for them to get back on the road again this winter, and they are planning to escape very soon.  

I am trying to talk them into going camping next weekend before they depart to the South for the Winter.  If the snow melts, that is.   The warmth of Sat and Sun has really taken it's toll on the snow, as you can see in the pics.   So who knows, we might have one more camping weekend yet for 2011!!!!

Congrats Sharon and Fred on your new rig----  
may you travel many many happy miles in it!!!!


  1. I almost thought you were the ones with the new MH, but with all the improvements you've made to yours I couldn't imagine giving it up for a new one.

  2. Nice coach. We saw that one at King's in the lot. Of course we see every new one that comes in since we have to drive past there every day. LOL! We always say " Oh, there's a new one!"
    Mel has been working for the past month or so on an improvement to the basement and heating the water and tank area. ( for those nights that can get a little to cold while traveling south) Heat ducts and new outlets, rearanging stuff down there. I just stay out of the way!
    Hope you get to camp one more time. It sure was nice this week-end. Hope it is this nice for you next week-end.

  3. Great photos ~ The MH is gorgeous!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  4. wow sure is a cute carpenter/plumber helper...tools from santa should be on the top of her list...am with you with the 'yuck' on the snow deal for sure..gorgeous new MH....personally i love my convection in the MH...find its bigger and will hold a nice size roast pan and can do a fair size turkey in it if wanted...but its a matter of personal preference...either you love or hate convection I was told..luckily I love it...great to bake in also..hope you get camping next weekend...

  5. The snow does NOT look nice. You can have it! Brrr. Made me shiver just looking at the pictures.


  6. Why not offer to "break it in" for them with a nice trip to Da Slabs?

  7. That Allegra is sure a beauty....and so is the new motorhome. Yup, you fooled me, thought it was you who got a new one.

  8. Yes, but one day, you won't be foolin', it'll be for real. ;c)

  9. I knew Steve wouldn't want to start over on another rig. All that he has done to yours seems like it is pretty near perfect and has an owner that knows how to take care of it!

    Being able to take Credit Card directly was the biggest boost to my business years ago. I never did do PayPal. Now 100% of my sales are by Credit Card. Even if someone local comes to the house!

  10. What a beautiful new MH!! I know your friends will truly enjoy their new rig!! Tiffin is a great manufacturer.
    That snow sure looks cold....I suppose that does mean winter is approaching!!

  11. Howdy Karen & Stevio,
    That's the way to start training them early. My daughter got her first set of real tools when she was 5 and her next set of BIG tools, including skilsaw, power drill and mechanic wrenches when she graduated from high school.. Her husband, who is a mechanic was amazed what she could do..

    I knew y'all weren't getting a NEW rig, unless
    Yours burned up setting in the yard!!nonnonono
    Stevio has too much tears, sweat and blood in that BLUE BEAUTY(I love it,also)!!!

    Wisconsin in the winter!! I wonder who wrote that song?? "Snow, sleet and frosty mornings.."

  12. Nice socks! Well done! Everybody is noticing the motorhome WHICH is very nice, by the way, congrats to your friends from a fellow Tiffin homeowner, lol! But I still like the socks! :-)


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