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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Deck The Halls-- and a little kid face too

Friday after Thanksgiving, we didn't dare wander into any of the stores.  The chaos, mayhem and pepper spray stories are enough to keep us home.  Besides, little Chelsea needed someplace to go, because her day care was closed and Mommy had to work, and Daddy wanted to go hunting!  We said the little poor orphan could come and spend the day with us.

Sooo the bee bopper girl came here to our house, and she was immediately put to work helping her granfaddah Deck The Halls... he was putting up the lights and long streams of garland in swags on all of the decks, and then she was helping him to hang the BIG CIRCLE on the house!

It was very warm out, and all of our snow melted again (we are due for more this week)  Granmuddah had set the little one to filling the bird feeders and suet block boxes...  she took the stickers from the suet block packages and stuck one on each of the doggies backs!  I guess they needed to be "decorated" too?

It was quite exciting for the wee one to see a lit up circle (she knows her "shapes")  
and then to have granfaddah go up sooooo high and hang it on the house! 

Once the outside stuff was done, that silly Granfaddah brought his other ladder into the house and washed the big diamond window in the cathedral ceiling over the livingroom... and she was just so amazed how high he was up there.  She knows the "diamond" shape too, and that was quite exciting to her 22 month old mind.  She wanted to try to climb up the ladder too, but Granmuddah put the kabosh on that! That little monkey would have followed him right up to the top, I am sure! 

Once the cleaning and windowwashing and decorating was done, this wee one needed to give me a hand in the kitchen.  She knows how to crack eggs, so she got to do TWO of them into a brownie mix.  She poured in the ingredients herself, and she was busy stirring and of course:

She proudly announced that it was called "CHOD DOH DAT!" 

It was Finger Lickin Good....  she made sure we BOTH got some! 


It is Sunday morning while I am posting this, and we are due to have all three of our kids, their spouses and all three grankiddos descend upon us for a family Thanksgiving today.  We pre-cooked the turkey yesterday, and have it ready to serve while it's steaming in chicken soup broth in a roasting pan, and pre-made all the extras too.  Sure was nice to have most of it done, just a few things to do this morning.  Which is very good, because yesterday I stumbled on a flagstone in the yard and twisted my foot on a funny angle.  It's not broken, but I iced it good and am hobbling around.  I am taking breaks and putting it up, so that is why I have time to write a blog post!    Will be sure to post tomorrow about our wonderful family day... right now we are watching that old RV show on RTN network called "Distant Roads" ....  some segments are older, some are newer, but it sure makes us hungry to hit the road ourselves soon! 


  1. Take care of that ankle so that you'll be able to continue treating the grandkids to days spent with you and Steve. ;)

    Have a Happy #2 Thanksgiving!

  2. What a great day you had decking the halls with chelsea ...and more to come today :)..enjoy your thanksgiving with the family, as for those windows? They would have to stay 'uncleaned' if it was up to me I'm petrified of heights. Rick does the high windows and skylites in our home..

  3. What a great day! I sure hope your foot is better soon. I'm glad it's not broken, (or hope it isn't). Cute Chelsea, she's really growing up fast!

  4. What fun it is at Granmuddah and Granfaddah's house!! You have such a wonderful family...I am sure you all had a grand time together. Looking forward to hearing all about your Thanksgiving together!!

  5. What a cute picture of taste testing the brownies.

  6. Hope your ankle is doing better.... Loved the photos!
    Have fun & Travel safe


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