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Monday, November 28, 2011

Second Turkey Day with a family of little gobblers

On Sunday, we had a troop of little gobblers make their way to our house! All three grandkids were sooo excited to come and play and hang out at Granmuddah and Granfaddah Pfun's house, and of course their parents too.

This could very well be the last Thanksgiving we have in this house, as we are putting it on the market in the spring of 2012.   If it sells, wonderful, and we can go to Plan B for the remaining time till 2013 when Steve retires.  So making a few last memories in this house was the order of the day!

I had pre-cooked the 22 pound turkey on Saturday, then sliced off the big chunks, laid it back in the roaster with some chicken broth and seasonings and set it back in the fridge overnight.  It's the first time I tried this, after seeing it on Mr. Food on a tv segment last week. Let me tell you, it was GREAT!   The meat remains juicy and the hostess has a LOT more time on the actual day by not having to get up at 5 am to stuff a bird, tending it and basting it etc.  

I also precooked the mashed potatoes, and blended them with sour cream, garlic, onions and butter and laid into a 13x11 cake pan.  On Sunday all I had to do was set the oven on low, add the crumbled corn flakes and spices to the top of the taters and reheat them along side the turkey pan in the oven... the house smelled wonderful, just as if I had spent all morning cooking!   Pans of stuffing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and a pull-apart garlic bread wreath took their turns in the oven too... and it all was done and ready by noon when the families came!

Add in daughter-in-law Heather's famous marshmallow fruit salad, some relishes, a couple of pumkin pies and a tray of the brownies that Chelsea helped to bake and we were set .... yummmmmmm

These are our two resident Incubator Ladies.. 
they are busy growing and nourishing our next two grandchildren both due in April... 
eat well, sweeties, and have us some healthy grandbabies!

All of the kids have good table manners and we had a nice meal with laughter and love all around. 

We made the guys eat in the livingroom so there was enough room at the table for the kiddos. They didn't mind because there was football on tv... not the Packers, because they played on Thursday (and won!) but it was still football ---- so they were happy.

After dinner, we brought out the flock of turkeys!!!!!
(I posted a link on how-to make these 3 blogs back) 

The kiddos were delighted and soon gobbling them down, getting high on a sugar buzz!!!

 Ahhh it was all worth it, look at these Three Little Gobblers! 

The afternoon was full of fun.  Reading them stories, playing with toys, and doing some Ring-Around-the-Rosie. It was a delightful day to see all the little ones playing together.   They needed to burn off some of that sugar high from the cookies.  LOL    We watched some football and enjoyed the antics of the grandkids. My goodness, where do they get so much energy????

After things wound down a bit, now the second reason for the day came.  We had taken ALL the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the storage room and laid them out on the guest bed.  These are items from over many years of decorating our homes.  Since Erin started having the family Christmas at her house, I have not even used as many of these things in my house.  I kept out the special items I am keeping for this year and special momentos that are being stored or used in our motorhome on the tiny tree....   The rest were *up for grabs*....   We had all three gals go through the boxes and choose out anything they liked, and the rest will be going on Craig's List and Ebay this week.

The little girls wanted to come and see what was going on, and they wrapped up in bright sparkly garland to be DIVAs!  Jameson came to peek in and see what we were doing, but he went back upstairs to hang with the guys and watch football.  Typical *MALE* huh?

I am so glad that Chelsea wanted this bear... About 25 years ago my children chose this wonderful bear to give to my grandmother, Grandma Kafehl.  (who was their Great Grandmother) when we were shopping.  They said it was a "Grandma Bear with a little Grandbaby Bear".  After she passed away in 1996, we were given the bear back.  Now it is passing on to the GREAT GREAT Granddaughter... to be loved again and learn about babies and caring and cuddling and family.

Six big boxes were heaped high with treasures... and loaded into cars, along with sleepy toddlers and big bags of leftovers!   Out the driveway they all went.  We are sure the little kids were fast asleep before reaching the first curve down the road.

And this tired out Granmuddah toddled up to bed herself, 
and settled in for a good long Thanksgiving Nap! 


  1. Grandkids...We love them and enjoy spending time with them. We have Kris now.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. what a wonderful day!!!! Nothing like having the grands around to spice up life...and what a great spread of food...made me hungry for turkey again

  3. Great times! What are you going to do with all your weaving looms?

  4. Hey Nan... I have one loom possibly sold already, another one kinda spoken for, and then one is going along disassembled in the basement compartment in the motorhome. I can set it up in about 20 minutes, fully warped, and weave under the awning outdoors for a few days at a time. The table loom rides inside and has it's space in the livingarea of our motorhome. Just the largest LeClerc with the fly shuttle and 12 harnesses needs to get sold, and will start skeining off any cones of yarns that I am not planning on using into pretty skeins and selling on Ebay and Etsy.

  5. I am happy that Auntie Bea's bear has a good home!

  6. You certainly earned that nap! It looked to be another wonderful T-Day!

  7. What a great day, you sure had a house full. A lot of great memories were made and i am sure you will remember this Thanksgiving for years to come.The kid's looked like they enjoyed the turkeys. be safe out there, Sam & Donna...


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