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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Twas the Night BEFORE the Night Before Christmas!~

And all through the house are the scents of BAKING!!!!

Ahhh the house is smelling great!  I have two pumpkin pies baking, and an apple/cherry crisp, and then a newly invented pumpkin crisp because I had leftover pumpkin pie filling.  So I made up a recipe to use it up. LOL   The tree lights are on and Steveio is laughing at the tv.  The Grinch Whole Stole Christmas is on.  First the classic old cartoon, and now the Jim Carey one.  It adds to the ambiance, I guess?

So much illness has been in our family this year, but everyone seems to be on the mend, and things are looking up for the Pfundtner Clan.  (more on that the day AFTER Christmas)

I snapped a few pics in our yard this morning after the most recent snow.. this one is really interesting.. Check out the snow along the edge of the deck railing!   The big grey squirrels hop hop hopped along the railing at perfect intervals, and the snow softly formed into perfect waves!

I guess Mother Nature does some pretty fancy decorating for the holidays, too! 

I hadn't filled this bird feeder with any seeds, so they didn't even bother to go check it for food.  
The snow on that part of the railing is still smooth and straight. 

I snapped these pics around the yard during the first morning light.  
The snow was piled up so high and light and fluffy on everything.
It was so calm with no winds, so it stayed mounded up on even the tiniest of tree branches. 

Remember those pretty birch trees where I took pictures of the grandkids in the fall?   Brrrrrr

I was ready to run to Green Bay and happened to have the camera along, 
so I snapped a pic of the house before I drove away... all covered in snow and looking so festive! 

The plows had just gone through, and Steve had already snowblown the driveway that morning at 4:30am.  There were a couple of additional inches that fell since he left, you can see the car tracks in the driveway. 
The poor motorhome is looking pretty sad and forlorn.  It needs to get out and exercise a day sometime soon, but perhaps when we have dry pavement roads so we don't get salt all over the undercarriage.  We take it out and run the generator too and go for a nice ride.  Then sometimes we grab some take-out food and eat it while sitting in the parking lot by the bay.... watching the ice fishermen come and go. 

As I was heading down to Green Bay, I still had the camera laying on the seat.  So I grabbed a pic of this familiar site for Wisconsin... following a plow truck as it spreads back the banks, and sprinkles road salt all over from that tube on the left ... it goes PING PING PING on the car if you follow too closely.  LOL 

I got all of my errands run while in Green Bay.  Heather watched Chelsea for me so I could get them all done without hauling an 11 month old in and out and in and out of stores and post office and such places.
She got to play with her big cousin Jameson, so she was happy as a lark.  We both came home and took a nice nap. 

Ahhh the pies are done now, time to get them out.  

The presents are wrapped. The food is ready.  
The family is healthy and we are going to have a great Christmas Holiday in Wisconsin.  




  1. You have some really creative squirrels. Just try to get those waves that perfect by hand!

  2. Showed Ron the pictures of your place. He loved the one the squirrels did for your enjoyment. Then he asked where you all lived. I said somewhere near Green Bay.

    Merry Christmas to you both. Let Steveio know we are at 15 trees. We may just sell out tomorrow.

  3. Oh Karen..this is all breath taking!! I know it is a pain..but girl..we here in the South would love it ..just for a weekend!! lol Perfect Squirrels..my squirrels always look drunk running on our fence..sometimes they almost fall off and then pull themselves up again..it is quite humorous.

    I am glad you are all doing well.Still praying for your Dad in Florida.

    Hugs from Texas and Merry Christmas Ya'll

    Cindy and Walker

  4. We're supposed to get more snow here today and tonight so we should have a merry white Christmas too. Donna loves the sight of your baking skill's, You & your family have a great Marry Christmas and give the two furbaby's a pet from us too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. What a beautiful scene at your homestead. I miss the snow at Christmas.

    Have a wonderful Christmas you two!


  6. Love your winter photos. My husband's family comes from Lena, WI (north of Green Bay) where we visited one year during Thanksgiving. No snow then until 50 miles away from our rural home near Kansas City (go figure). I understand the "heartbreak" of seeing your RV covered with snow, looking lonely & cold. We go out as often as possible also (when roads are clear) in our molded fiberglass Casita travel trailer.

  7. Thanks for sharing your white xmas with us down south...

  8. Glenda.. we are a hop skip and jump from Lena! Between Oconto and Oconto Falls on the river. Ahhh Lena.. home of Kugels Cheese Store! Mom always stops there to stock up before she heads back to Florida each fall. Yummmmmmmm

  9. Really looks like a great Christmas around your home! Thanks for sharing, although I would love a real piece of that pie.

  10. Beautiful pictures! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  11. Your pictures of the house and yard are so pretty and festive. I loved the way the squirrels helped you decorate.

  12. You have such a beautiful home, the snow makes it even more homey. But feel free to keep all that snow up your we, don't want any down here in "sunny" VA.

    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, too. Hope to see you on the road soon!

  13. The pictures look lovely. You're right Mother Nature sure does a great job decorating. The picture with the house looks perfect for a Christmas card.

    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your family to enjoy it with.

    Merry Christmas.

    Kevin and Ruth


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