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Sunday, December 12, 2010

BLIZZARD - it ain't over yet!~

With wind gusts of 50 mph and about a foot or so of snow, we are kinda in the middle of a messy blizzard.  Going to stay in today and not even bother shoveling or snowblowing. Why? It will just blow back again!

Here are some pics I snapped a few minutes ago....

This snow is piled up a foot or two deep on the deck, right up to the patio doors. 

The winds are whipping around the motorhome where the ground underneath is almost swept bare, 
but the drifts are building in the driveway and front yard.  
They are about 3-4 feet deep by all guess.  I ain't going out there to measure them!!!!

The plow just went through on the road in the background, 
but with this wind the drifts in the yard will just keep getting bigger and bigger

Good thing it's Sunday and we don't have to wade through these banks to get to the mailbox???

I don't think Ducky Dog is too thrilled about going out in the storm either....

We still have power yet, though lots of folks around us are already out.  I have run extra buckets of water to hold onto, just in case.  If the power goes out, of course our well pump doesn't pump water out of the faucets.  In a real pinch, we could fire up the generator in the motorhome and run a cord into the house.  

But for now, we are fine.  We have the catalytic heater here on the main floor that doesn't require any power to operate, just LP gas. (Steve moved it in from the motorhome for the winter to use in the house as supplementary heat)   The big furnace downstairs needs power, but we don't really need it if the power goes out.   We have the fireplace too, but with such gusting winds, we don't want anything blasting down the chimney and blowing sparks into the room.  

Just heard on tv that the metrodome in the Minnapolis collapsed under the weight of the snow in this storm.  Oh gosh!  We sure hope nobody was hurt---  they had already cancelled the game because the opposing team could not even fly into Minneapolis airports. 

We are gonna stay in, stay warm, and forget about going anywhere.  The Packer game will be on tv, if the power stays on.  Otherwise I suppose we could trudge out to the motorhome to watch the game and fire up the generator to watch it out there!!!  From your Diehard Packer Fans in a Wisconsin Blizzard-----


  1. I'm sure you guys know how to stay warm in this kind of weather, and please stay safe. The doggie knows best - don't go outdoors in a blizzard. The pictures make it look so beautiful though.

  2. Wow! That's some storm you've got there. Stay warm. I wouldn't go outside either. :)

  3. It sure looks pretty!

    We're having freezing rain here and the temp is supposed to get to 41 this afternoon so it might wash a lot of our snow away in time for it to cool down and snow overnight. Oh well, such is life in the winter!

  4. Were just having rain in PA, don't know what it's doing in MO but the forecast said they might get a couple of inches from the edge of your storm front, I'm still hoping the road's are still clear out east come 05:30AM on Wednesday, if not it will be decision time.Keep warm and sit the storm out, Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  5. Yikes. Just looking at the photos made me shiver. Especially the one of your motorhome. Motorhomes and snow don't go well together!

  6. Back home in Bayfield they are getting the same as you with road closures again today & zero visibility in the snow squalls. Freezing temps to follow the storm!! I remember those days well & am very happy to be where we are again this year. These RV days in the southwest won't last forever but it is going to last for as long as we can make it.

  7. So OK, we will quit whining about a little wind and the cool temps here in Louisiana. Might even freeze tonight. Stay warm and burn some wood.

  8. Live Gettysburg,Pa area. Mild winters, below 32F at night. Your RV is out in the open, no cover. How do you keep the lines from freezing? We use a small space heater. Leaving for FL in Feb. Would rather save $$ & not flush lines & fill with antifreeze before then. Bye. K&L

  9. Kevin and Leslie--- yes it's been winterized a month ago before we hit sub-freezing temps. All canned goods and cleaning agents taken out too as those will crack and make a huge mess if frozen. Come Feb/March if we take off for southern regions for a vacation, we will load up the morning of departure and we winterize again on the way home as we hit the cold weather again.

    Such is life of work-a-day RVers who can't go south all winter!

  10. It was 67 and sunny here today.

    I really do miss those beautiful Wisconsin snow storms though. I enjoyed them the most when we lived in the country and I didn't have to go any farther than downstairs to work in my studio room!

    Hated winter in the city, because the snow got so dirty so fast and driving was always a risk.

  11. HOLY SNOWMAN!! Our stix and bricks is in Northern Ill and they are up to their Yang yangs in that white stuff too....We, however are here at Canyon Lake, TX..no snow...but colder than a witch's back end!!!

  12. that is quite the blizzard!..try and stay warm!

  13. We're stuck in Illinois in this blizzard - not on purpose, though! Snow has stopped finally but winds are mental! Stay warm!

  14. Just looking at the photos makes me feel cold. I know we have some of the same in store for us sooner or later here in Nebraska & I sure don't look forward to it.

  15. Seems as though winter is just everywhere! Hmmm, it's December, so I guess it's all relative, but you look like you are getting the biggest dose of it I have seen so far! stay warm.

  16. Yikes! That sounds like quite the storm. I have to admit we aren't missing that at all! Looking at your pictures is making me shiver. I am going to stop complaining about our cold mornings here which are right around the freezing mark. Nice thing is at least we have beautiful blue skies and it does warm up nicely during the day.

    Cuddle up and keep warm, hope you didn't lose your power.

    Kevin and Ruth


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