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Monday, December 27, 2010


We had a wonderful three days jam packed with family and fun and laughter....

Christmas Eve was at daughter Erin and husband Mark's lovely home, all decorated up for the season.

 They have two woodburning fireplaces, one in the livingroom and one in the diningroom.  
But the house was so warm with all the baking and people, no fires were needed, that is for sure! 

Our daughter Heather and husband Jesse brought son Jameson too for an overnight.  
Mark's mom Rose came, along with granddaughter Kylee for the evening (on the right below)

So we ended up with a lot of kids to cuddle and play with.  Grandparent Heaven! 

Erin cooked up a ham and all the fixens, Heather brought all the veggies and dips, we brought 8 pounds of crab legs and desserts!   What a feast!   Steveio steamed the crab legs outdoors in the propane burner so the smell was kept out there.  Some presents were shared with family, and the kiddos were sent off to beddybye with visions of sugarplums in their tiny heads.  Steve enjoyed late night cards with the kids, and they managed to finish off a whole bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label!   (not me, I sipped some wine and read stories to the kids)

Playing cards way into the night has been a Christmas Eve tradition since our kids were teens.
It is something they look forward to every year.  Jameson even helped to play for a while.....

But then it was time for him to head up to bed.... waiting for Santa Claus is really hard when you are 2.

This Granmuddah drove a tipsy Granfaddah home 5 miles to our house and into bed.  The kids called us at 7am and said that it was time for Santa presents. Needless to say, Steveio missed out on joining us, as his head was not in shape.   Nuff said.

The kids had a blast.... and Santa brought them many things to explore, delight and wonder about.

 Chelsea totally enjoyed her bongo drum and shared it with her cousin too...

 Jameson's favorite toy seemed to be a set of juggling balls 
He is fascinated with learning and mastering at the age of two!

Once all the presents were opened, Erin made up a nice big breakfast.  It was so nice to have our kids carry on the holiday hosting at their homes.  We will just come and visit .. heh heh

Now it was time to load up for the next party, pick up that hungover Granfaddah and trek on down 100 miles to Waupaca to Steve's brother Mark and wife Shirley's new home.  They gave us the grand tour of their new digs, high up on a hill overlooking the area.  Our son Dan and Heather, along with little Allegra joined us, as did brother Pete, the folks, niece Faith, and later niece Heather and her husband Dave.  What a nice gathering!  Little Allegra was the darling of the party, and was chasing around the labradoodle, Charlie, for all it's worth.   Round and round and round.

Allegra is getting really good at gift opening... and playing with the boxes! 

Gift giving and treats all around.... 

We got to be part of a new special announcement for the Pfundtner Clan....  

Yes, our son Dan and his darling wife, Heather are bringing a new baby into the world next August.  Little Allegra will have a new brother or sister by fall... and one more wee baby to add to next year's Christmas Celebration!   That was our most super duper gift of the whole holiday weekend!!!!!

We trekked on home again after dark (gosh I HATE driving at night)  and snuggled into bed, with happy smiles and thankfulness in our hearts about the love of family.  We sure have had our fill of sickness, surgeries and mishaps this year.  But also we have had new babies, love and laughter too.  So much to be thankful for.

And that, dear blog readers, was our Christmas.......   no motorhomes, no fibers.... just family!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I sure miss my little ones.. thank you for sharing yours!

  2. So nice to have a property like this. So much fun to play and to bond with your family.

    Arrielle P


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