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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

VACATION - Dreary morning in the rain

Yup, the rains and storms moved in as promised overnight...  We had a few boomers and flashes, but not any downpours or hail, which is good. The motorhome and Tracker only got halfway rinsed off.  Guess we gotta do a better job ourselves with the hose later.  This is our view out the windshield this morning:

I woke up early about 5:30 and left Steveio snoozing longer.  I wrote up the blog and got it posted, and started catching up on other blog reading.  Good to know all my bloggy friends are doing well...

Al and Kelly are making plans to hit the road in Oct.,
Dee and Jim got their fridge fixed,
Sam and Donna are letting Riggs play with ducks, and Sam is gonna help a sister in need
Karen and Al are getting the house ready to sell
Sandy and John are visiting WI folks yet before they head out
Judy is sharing her gorgeous pics,
Mike and Janna visited with Odel and Laurie,
Gypsy is trying out new recipes,
Margie and Bruce are saying farewell after babysitting the grands
Paul and Marti are getting exercise on folding bikes
Penny is soring out the keys and working on the RV things
HeyDuke is looking at toads
and Howard and Linda are setting up the next RV Dreams rally!

and THAT is as far as I got in reading blogs.... working on catch-up reading on each one too, going back a few days worth to see what I missed!

(click on the links on the right side of my blog to see all of their blogs and more if you wish)

It was a little chilly when we woke up this morning, so Steveio brought in the Easy Bake Oven (we crack a window to use it inside) and I made up a tube of cinnamon rolls.  We stretch them out into long cinnamon twists instead.   I also did up 2 pans of cookies from the pre-made dough for snacks later.

Since I snapped a pic of the cinnamon twists, I also saw Steve's popcorn popper on the counter....

This is what he uses when he gets the urge for snacking popcorn on the road.  We don't want to carry a hot air machine and crank up the generator at 9pm, like when he got the urge last night.  So he has one of these for just the occasion!

As I got up and at em, Steve took the dogs for a long walk around the campgrounds while I finished up a few things in the motorhome.  Then I unwound the second bobbin of yarn off the spinning wheel and put that away for travelling.    Now I have enough spun up for another pair of socks

When they are done being knit up, they will look like this:

We made ourselves road-worthy and hit the road before it got windier or rainy-er.  We wanted to get off of the gravel roads in case there was heavy rains, washouts or mud holes.  Within 10 miles we were back on blacktopped roads and heading south along the St. Croix river on a scenic highway.  We just crossed into the Wisconsin side before noon.

We drove on down to St. Croix Falls, a small town by the Interstate State Park (half is in Wisconsin and half is in Minnesota)    We stopped first at the Walmart in town and stocked up on things, then meandered on into the park.  It's a huge park and the campgrounds are a couple miles in from the main gate.  There are only 3 other campers here besides us.  We chose a lovely site, number 64 in the southern campground loop, far away from the other camper here.  The Northern campground has the other 2 campers located up there.   Talk about nice and quiet!

After settling into our campsite, and taking a nap, we drove around the park a little.  There are many hiking trails and such lovely rocky outcroppings along the St. Croix river.   I snapped a few from one stop, but will do more tomorrow when it's nicer out.  We are due for clear skies and sunshine tomorrow!

Over on the Minnesota side of the park, we saw these canoe and kayak rentals... and their campground was smaller and more compact and less space.  I am glad we chose the Wisconsin side to stay in.  $12 a night and we already have our seasonal pass too.

I forgot to take a good pic of our campsite, will do so tomorrow.... 

We drove our filthy dirty Tracker into town.  Steve found a car wash with a handwash bay, and soaped us up.  Strange, they had PINK FOAMING SOAP?   Ducky thought it was strange too.

But at least the poor little Tracker is clean..... 

While driving through the town, I found a wool shop in town called In The Wool, but they had just closed up for the season.  On the Minnesota side in the quaint little town of Taylors Falls, I saw a yarn shop that might look interesting too.  

We drove around the area and stopped at Dairy Queen.... I asked for a small vanilla cone dipped in chocolate and Steve asked for a cherry Dilly Bar (his favorite!)   the gal gave me the cone accidentally dipped in cherry!  So as a *I'm Sorry* gesture, she gave Steve an extra cherry Dilly Bar... how does that work?   It was my order she goofed up?     The other problem was that now we had to drive right back to the motorhome to get his extra Dilly Bar into the freezer!  haha

We got back, turned in and got cozy for the night... Steveio is in the shower and I am finishing the blog post, and soon we will both be snoozing away in the quiet country of the St. Croix....



  1. I love the cinnamon twists idea! Must try that one out.

    Interstate Park looks lovely, even in the rain! It must be pretty in the sunshine and beautiful in autumn. :)

  2. Those sock are so cool. They would look nice with my Berkies.

  3. Looks like you guys made the best of a rainy day, Your vacation seems to be flying by, like ours did, to fast they are over and then back to the regular grind. Love Stevio's popcorn popper, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Sometimes it's nice to have a rainy day. Makes you appreciate your nice cozy motorhome. :)

  5. Rainy days can be nice, you can just snuggle up in your motor home and chill-ax. The cinnamon twist ideas looks very tasty. I need to try that one.
    Thanks for your post.
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri


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