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Friday, September 17, 2010

CAMPING - A visit to a country cheese store on the way to Richardson Lake

Ahhh how many of you non-Wisconsinite readers have ever had string cheese?  REAL string cheese, not that mush stuff in a cellophane tube that is squished in by a machine?

Or REAL cheese curds, so fresh they "SQUEAK" on your teeth as you bite into them???

On our way north tonight, we stopped at a tiny cheesestore called Springside Cheese just north of Spruce, WI on County Trunk B.    Wisconsin is littered with little shops like this on rural crossroads all over our Dairy State.

Here is their website:   http://www.springsidecheese.com/


So I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots

They will sell you slices or chunks of the freshest cheese you ever tasted! 

I snapped a few shots through the glass of where they make the cheese

A few things for the tourists too.... LOL

I bought some string cheese, some cheese curds, some frozen natural casing weiners and a bag of powdered egg whites for baking....  plus I added a pound of sliced Colby Jack cheese for me and a pound Pepperjack cheese for Steveio... yummmmmmmmm  (not on his diet, but he can eat a little at a time)

Ahhh laid out on the dash, to nibble on as we head north...  
The curds just make the most delightful SQUEAK as you bite into them.  
See the whey on the bag yet, that is how fresh they are.  
You know, the nursery rhyme with her Curds and Whey?

and the string cheese is a motzerlla type, very dry and pulls apart in stringy pieces as you eat it.  
Kids LOVE this stuff, and so do we

Not sure where we are going yet, thinking Richardson Lake....  still driving north.  Might not have a signal for the rest of the weekend.. .so will add more when we get back. 



  1. I could never live in Wisconsin. If I did I'd weigh about 300 lbs. You guys up there have the best cheese in the whole world! Haven't been to that cheese factory you showed us, but it sounds like a must-see. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

  2. I've never had Curds and Whey, so I'll have to try some the next time I'm in Wisconsin. Have a good weekend! :)

  3. Being from Italian ancestry, you can guess I have a love for cheese, almsot took a bite out of th laptop,I remember my last bus trip to Janesville going to a cheese shop and buyimg some and also the requsite Cheesehead hat for my son. Be safe out there. Sam & donna.

  4. You Wisconsin folks sure take your cheese seriously huh?!
    Are you sure it's supposed to squeek on your teeth? That kinda freaks me out a little :) String cheese is nummy stuff, I suppose I should try the real stuff sometime! I enjoyed the pictures, but I think you should have all worn cheesehead hats for a final parting shot :)

    97 RT 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  5. Squeaky cheese! I'm going to have to try it when I end up in Wisconson.

    And oh, man, I love me some Colby Jack.... *drools*

    Great post!

  6. I once worked in a cheese factory many years ago for a short spell & we used to scoop the curds right out of the vat for snacks. I come from a family of cheese eaters but personally I never eat the stuff unless it's thrown on top of a hamburger or something. Maybe something in my cheese factory days turned me off of cheese forever or maybe it's just that cheesy taste I don't like. I much prefer a peanut butter sandwich:))

  7. I never imagined that cheese could, um...squeak, lol. We got a kick out of the beer bottle shaped summer sausages, too cute! Looking forward to your next post.

  8. Loved the pictures. Hope to get up to Wisconsin next summer and will definitely take in any cheese stores or factories we find. My wife graduated from Alverno College in Milwaukee and was in the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi order so we are planning to relive old memories. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  9. Yumm....we love fresh curds!

    Kevin and Ruth


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