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Friday, September 28, 2018

Working on the EEEK EEEK Leak, and Finishing a Quilt

We got the leak stopped for sure now.  Even during a rain storm the other day, we didn't get a drop of water inside. Whew! Glad we got this thing tackled before it got any worse... or before it did any more damage.

While out and about for errands, we picked up a few tubes of good ole Power Grab. It's adhesive in a caulk tube an easy to use.  We find that it holds most anything to anything.  Wood, vinyl, metal, cloth, whatever.

This is what we were covering.....  around the base of the king sized bed. This is the compartment that holds our diesel engine as well.  The carpeting on it was okay, but we worried about mold and decided if we are changing the flooring, we can change the sides of the box base too. We ripped off the old carpeting... whew!  No mold!   But we decided to change it anyhow to the same cream vinyl soft flooring we did on the back wall over the bed.

Steve did a little squiggle of the Power Grab adhesive on the wood paneled surface.

Then he smoothed it out lightly with a finely notched trowel.  That way the vinyl would hold, but not have big swirly lumps under the surface.

Next tool is from my bag of tricks... yes... my rolling pin from the kitchen cabinet!  hahaha  It worked good to smooth out the vinyl and keep it in place.  The Power Grab sets up quickly. He worked around the entire base and got the pre-cut vinyl on in a matter of minutes.   P.S. this is leftover vinyl flooring from our upstairs bathroom.

Now the base of the bed matches the back wall 
where we removed the mirror last year. ... 

The flooring is painted blue for now, 
but we picked up some soft grey textured carpet tiles 
that we are going to lay tomorrow. 

In my last blog, I mentioned that Steve re-wired our power supply cord to now directly feed into the Progressive Industries Electrical Management System. For now this will work by just dropping our big 50 amp power cord (a.k.a. The Snake) out the door and letting it drop and partially close.  Later he will cut a hole in the base of this compartment and feed it out through a trap door to the ground below. 

This will work for now in our own yard, but we will get it situated correctly and be able to lock the compartment again when the cord is in use.   Knowing him, he already has the trap door on order and we will hear the buzzing of a big hole saw in the near future?


Steve helped me with a little project last night.  In my sewing room, I have two file cabinets with a large table top spread over the top of them as a cutting/sewing table.  It works well for me, and it previously was to the right of my sewing machine in the corner:  I keep my sewing machine on an old typing table (thanks Linda!) which has it just at the right height.  It has a clear plexi glass table extension called a Sew Steady device to give me more flat sewing surface. 

(this is how it used to look) 

I decided that I needed more table space to my LEFT... not on the right.  That way when I work on big quilts or projects, the heft of the fabric would be better supported if the table were to the left.  Once he helped me move it over to the left and turned it, I put the typing table to the right. Perfect!!

Now everything is in a much better position, and all within reach. And to think I had been thinking that having things to the right side, being right handed, made sense?  Nawwww   But I was glad I was able to figure a way to make it work better.  And glad that I have a husband who interrupted his watching of Hogan's Hero's to come and move it around for me!

This morning I came into my sewing room with a fresh attitude and sunshiney smile on my face.  Ahhhh that works so much better!

All along the wall under the windows is my big quilting frame 
that I use for doing the stitching on the entire quilts once I put the tops together.
(and lots of supplies underneath) 

The last wall to the west is taken up by a closet (also filled with more supplies and quilting batts and tubs of yarn)  and some of my other well-loved things hanging on the walls.  I surround myself with happy things and it sure makes a difference when I go in there to work on my quilts.

Speaking of quilts, I grabbed the newest one and finished sewing on the binding this morning. Steve had to go and drive his Old Fart Party Bus... so I had time to sew and ignore the housework while I did. Heck, I even stayed in my jammies until noon, to finish up this quilt.  LOL  The binding is the maroon fabric folded around the edges and stitched down. 

This is the quilt I started this summer when we took off for a week vacation.  Thus the name I put on the label on the backside. I am glad I got it done before "Fall" weather sets in.   Barely made it, I tell ya.   The back fabric was from a set of sheets that I have from cleaning out my dad's cabin after he passed away.  The color compliments the quilt, and it feels warm and snuggly, like "family".

I hung it out on the clothesline to get a good pic of it all finished. I love the feeling of each quilt as a piece of accomplishment and as a work of art too.  This one almost reminds me of Swarovski crystals with the rich deep jewels flashing in the diamond shapes.

It looks pretty good draped on the old vintage rocking chair
by the fireplace. 

This evening I am putting it to good use as I type this.
Yup, it's curled up around my legs and keeping me cozy warm. 

Stay tuned, we will be finishing up the flooring the motorhome,
perhaps tomorrow. 

Then loading it up to be Campground Hosts for Oct. 1 at 
High Cliff State Park. 


  1. I love to see your finished quilts. Most of them are way too busy for me to be able to live with but I love seeing them anyway. If I had you make one for me you would probably hate doing it because it would have to be large blocks of solid colors mostly greens and tans.

    Your blog comments refuse to let me sign in today. I broke something with my last Safari update.

    Linds Sand

  2. Replies
    1. I use my regular sewing machine set on a frame from Handi Quilter and do free motion machine quilting on my quilts. I roll on the top on one roller, the batting on another and the backing on the last one. It sure is easier than sandwiching and hand stitching the quilt. Here is a blog post with more pics and also a link to a You Tube of how it works. (copy and paste into your browser) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/search?q=handi+quilter&max-results=20&by-date=true


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