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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Another Project on the Horizon

Ahhhh --- time for another Our Old House project!

Wellllll not so much on Our Old House, but on the garage.  Although our house was built in 1913, the garage behind our home was built in 1974.  It is wonderful--- extra wide and deep and has an additional workshop space to one side, along with two passage doors and five large windows on the door to let in the light.  The garage also has five additional windows all around the sides and the back too.

Steve enjoys spending a lot of time out there,
actually, as I type this, he is out there 
sorting out nuts and bolts and screws at his workbench. Seriously!

The current garage replaced this old garage, back then in 1974, which was hauled away and put into use at another residence here in Chilton.  Photo furnished by the previous owners, the Baldocks.

They evidently jacked it up, using some big timbers and a farm trailer... and away it went!

Back in 1974, this huge heavy wooden garage door was installed.  Over the last 44 years it has served well, but Steve felt it was in need of replacing.   He wants to insulate the garage for winter projects and wants an insulated door.   He wants to insulate the entire garage and install his heater which he already has on hand. Some day.

Just a few weeks ago I swabbed another coat of paint on it.  But the hardboard type panels are bubbling up and flaking a bit, here and there.  It's still okay as long as I keep sealing it up with new paint, but the humid summer weather takes it's toll.  It is still functional, just that he wants something better.  Sigh.

Because the door opening to the garage is also extra wide, the door is a special size... 18 feet wide by 7 feet high.  You know what that means, "special order", not standard.  We checked with Menards and an uninsulated one is about $800.00 and an insulated one (Steve's preference)  is over $1,000.00!

Now, if any of you know my Steveio, you know he LOVES reading Craigslist, and all of the local Facebook Buy Sell Trade pages.  Lo and behold, what did he find???   You guessed it!  An insulated garage door, the right size and color, in perfect shape!

A nearby couple had torn down their existing garage and were building a larger one with multiple higher doors and were not going to reuse this one.  They were also including a fully operational garage door opener, screw drive type Chamberlain with two remote controls! We have an older chain drive type Liftmaster that works okay, but this other one is better..

All for a mere $250.00 !!!!

Wheeeee we grabbed the cash from the ATM and drove on over to check it out.  It's in perfect shape, and because it is so long, (too long to haul safely on our trailer) the seller offered to let us use HIS trailer to haul it all back to our house!  Only in a small town, I tell ya.  They live about 4 miles away, but still. He didn't know us from Adam, and let us leave with his very expensive aluminum trailer!

We drove back slowly home with it and unloaded it quickly, 
to return the trailer back to the seller. 

Here it is, all spread out on my side of the garage, taking up my car parking spot. I know he is chomping at the bit to get going on it.  Today it was unbearably hot and humid, and he drove the Old Fart Party Bus for a few hours... so it was not a good day to get going on it. We will see how the next few days go, as right now we just had big thunderstorms move through the area, more to come.

We are kinda anxious to tackle this project and get it up. 
Then we can post the old door and old opener 
on the Facebook Buy Sell Trade to get rid of it too! 

Just two weeks ago, Steve and I helped put up another bigger garage door out at the Calumet County Museum with another helper. Got the old one down and new one up in 3 hours.

We also put up the garage door 
when we built the house and garage in Oconto as well.  

This project should be easy peasy! 
  (we hope!) 

Well, the storms are done, and the rain has stopped. It's only 6:30 pm and there is daylight left. I bet he wants to start working on the garage door. I better put on my shoes and go out and help.

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  1. WOW! I say that is the favor of God to find that garage door like he did! Congratulations! You guys always have the best projects and awesome life. BLESSED...........


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