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Friday, September 21, 2012

Motorhome Moving Day - Back to High Cliff State Park

Our week at Calumet County Park is over, and it's a Motorhome Moving Day! 

This morning I am using up the excess water in the holding tank by doing a few loads of laundry.  Nice to catch up on a few things... but we did also find a laundromat in Darboy about 8 or 9 miles away that is clean and neat.  It's only 75 cents to wash, and 25 cents for each increment in the dryers.  Drying takes 2 quarters for most loads, 3 quarters for jeans or heavy towels.  That place was okay to do all the heavy big things like towels, bed linens and all Steve's work pants and jeans.  But I like using my own washer/dryer in the rig for convenience and able to do other things while the laundry is getting done. 

We have a site reserved at High Cliff for the weekend (a non-electric one because all of the electric ones are reserved)  and then on Sunday we will be moving to an electric site for the following week.  Our Safari friends Mel and Paula are coming too on Sunday and have the site reserved right next to us!  She is going to  teach me a special quilting skill of folding?  We are going to start with coasters.  

Been working on socks this week and got more done for my Etsy store again.  I have more to finish up yet, but these are ready to be tagged and uploaded into my store.  

Aldi's stores have some cool toss pillows on sale this week.  TWO for $9.99.   Seeing as my old toss pillows are about 16 or 17 years old, time to TOSS them out and get some new ones!   Aldi's has these pillows in brown, cream or a tomato red color.  Also some matching throws and a large rug that coordinate.  (seeing as I weave my throws and rugs, I didn't buy any of those) 

They came wrapped with some very nice wide matching grosgrain ribbon.  I am going to use that ribbon to update the valances in the bedroom area like I did to the livingroom area.  Hopefully, my Safari-buddy Paula is bringing her handy-dandy staple gun next week so I can do them.  Can you believe my Mr. Fix-It Tool Guy does NOT have a staple gun in this rig???????

They can be used out on the brown loveseat, or even get doubled up into a pillow case for guest pillows on our air mattress if anyone sleeps overnight. 

Speaking of night...  we had a fantastic sunset here at Calumet County Park. 
I cannot decide which pic I like the best---  so you are gonna get all THREE!   LOL  

Now it's time to get my butt in gear.  The dryer is almost done, the sock machine table has to be set down flat on the floor for transport, and I have to remove the leveling blocks and unhook the power.  

We are off to the next campsite! 


  1. I like all three of the sunsets. Happy moving of the bathtub day.

  2. I like the one in the middle, but all are great.
    Happy moving day!
    We are from Ontario and are heading out on the 20th of October can't wait.
    We have Hitch-Itch fever.

  3. We ended up buying a staple gun this summer because Jim couldn't find his when we were at the kid's house. I couldn't believe he didn't already have it with us either.

  4. I, too, like all three pictures. I think my wife would like those socks.

  5. We liked all three pictures. I do carry a staple gun in the trailer.

    When are you guys heading out for your next big trip?

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Love all three pictures. I'm surprised that the campground is still filling up on the weekends that far north.

  7. All those changing sites is keeping your MH moving skills sharp!

    Loved the susnset pix, can see why you posted all three. :c)

  8. I just put the stapler, (and some staples), in our rig....Early?...maybe but I
    don't want to forget it!

  9. Tell me about you sock machine table. I need one that will fold.

  10. Love the sunsets. Do you mind if I borrow one for my Ipad wallpaper? So I'm assuming that's Green Bay?

    1. Go right ahead! It will feel like you are camping with us. Actually it's Lake Winnebago, the long big lake in Wisconsin between Milwaukee and Green Bay.

  11. Oh, it's Lake Winnebago. We don't have lakes that big here in Arizona.

  12. I vote for picture #2, next would be #3, and then #1, but all are beautiful.

  13. Love the socks! Enjoy the move, sounds like you have a fun week ahead.

  14. The picture in the middle is my fave.

    How will it be in the dead of winter, when it SNOWS. Shouldn't you be going south?

  15. I LOVE the first sunset pic with the golden lining on the clouds! Awesome.

  16. Howdy Karen & Steveio,

    What NO STAPLE GUN?? How does he ever get anything done?? He really NEEDS a pneumatic one, that'll stick'em in anything!!! Swap some sox for one!!! I't doesn't matter to me which pic, THEY ARE ALL GREAT!!!


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