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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Grandtots and Camping... what a great combination

It's been kinda crazy the last few days, so I have not had time to do a good blog post.   We finished up Labor Day with our friends Sharon and Fred, who came for the afternoon and a nice grilled out meal of shish-ka-bobs.  We waited for all the holiday traffic to clear before venturing out onto the highway before we moved from the Oconto City Park Campground late on Monday evening.  We spent a very hot and humid night at the Walmart in Darboy, and then drove into the park as quietly as we could on Tuesday morning at 7:30 am.   It's hard to be quiet in a diesel motorohome, but we got backed into our reserved site, shut it down, and I delivered Steve to his workshop by 8 a.m.

Sorry about the blog yesterday being mostly photos, but I was worn out and just wanted to get out all of those cute adorable shots of the grandtots who came to visit.   We missed having Allegra and Mason join us, but we will see them sometime soon.  I am going to rotate swiping each one of the grandtots to give them each a night with us, once a week.

We have tried to take all the grandtots camping with us every summer, and now that we are living in the rig full-time, it will be easier to take them along and form a good camping foundation for each of them.

Last night was Jameson's turn.  I ran up to Green Bay in the morning to pick him up and bring him back to the park. He got to visit Granfaddah in his office, and then rode around the park to see all the fun stuff.  He sure is a lucky little guy to have a Granfaddah who is in maintenance at a park... he has access to all this FUN STUFF!  

Now I know this is a lot of photos, but there were just so many "Big Boy Toys" to take pictures of!

(You can click on any photo to make it larger)

Talk about a little guy being in HEAVEN!!!!

We finished up the evening with Some-Mores around the campfire.... what a great treat for a good boy who was very well-behaved for his Grandparents!

Today we have a "garbage picker" device and are going to walk on the trails in the park to pick up trash.  Jameson practiced and practiced last night on how to pick up a can, so he is all set to use it on the trails.  After our load of laundry is done here, and we run around the with vac cleaner, I think it's time to hit the trail!


  1. Well, that isn't a little boy's idea of heaven, I'm not sure what would be! Maybe a candy store later...OK, I'll be quiet now. Your grandchildren are very lucky to have you willing to take them camping, mulitple kids and multiple times, you are saints! :-)

  2. Jameson must have thought he arrived at Tonka heaven. Probably won't be hard to get a return trip out of him.

  3. I can't imagine any little boy (and most girls) who wouldn't have a ton of fun with the ton of machinery.

  4. Those are some serious toys that Steve gets to play with.

    Can I come over and play, too??? ;c)

  5. Looks like a blast -- my boys would have been in heaven with access to all that big machinery!!

  6. I just love all those pictures in all your blogs. You do a great job. BTW, just a question since we both have diesel rigs, do you use the exhaust (Jake) brake on your unit. I use mine all the time, especially in urban areas where a lot of stops are involved. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Dizzy Dick!~ Ours is called an "exhaust brake" by PacBrake. Yup, Steve recently repaired ours as it wasn't functioning for a while. He needs to adjust it a bit more yet, as it stuck twice since the repair. He has it lubed with the official PacBrake lube, but he thinks it was sticking because it was travelling too far beyond the closed position. It only sticks when fully heated up, so he can only adjust and test it after travelling an hour or so. Will see on our next jaunt up north if it's working right.

  7. Love the pics of Jameson in the driver's seat of the Cat & dump truck....big machines for a little boy.


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