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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grandkids Visit, Motorhome Move and a PACKER WIN!

Let's start this blog backwards.... just finished watching the Packer Game and they won!   By a squidge, but we won.... Happy people in Wisconsin tonight.

Steve's brother, Pete, came over from Menasha and spent the afternoon with us watching the game.  Steveio set up the big screen tv outside, along with a campfire and a card game of cribbage.  I was busy cranking socks during the victory over the Saints.  For our half-time meal, I cooked up a crock pot of chili, Pete brought homemade salsa and fresh fruit.   Plus I baked up a pan of brownies for dessert at the start of the fourth quarter.  (and, of course, the Packers WON)

Earlier in the day, Steve and I packed up the rig and did our "Motorhome Moving Day" routine.  On our way over to our new site 100, we scored on a big pile of firewood leftover in another site.  We pulled up with the Tracker and Steveio piled it in sooo high that there was no room for ME!  I had to walk back to the campsite!  LOL ... but we have plenty of firewood for the week.

Yesterday, two of our little grandtots came to visit!  Erin brought down Chelsea and Clayton for an afternoon at the campground.  The weather was gloriously warm and sunny and lovely. We took a nice long walk around the hiking trails and checked out the cliffs.

There was also a little cliff, just the right size for Chelsea to hop into. 
She claimed it for her very own.  

 We walked around exploring the woods and of course.. the playground! 

We did a little bird-watching too...   I have a wonderful gift box of a pile of new toys mailed here from my mom in Florida.  So Great Grandma Rita is supplying all the grandtots with wonderful treats each time they come to visit us.  Chelsea picked out a pair of binoculars to take along on our walk and then she gets to keep them for her very own!   We also stopped by the alfalfa fields along the far southern edge of the park, and Chelsea had to pick some little daisies, running fast fast fast to her Mommy to give her the precious prize!

I think this is what Grandparenthood is all about... 

spending some one on one time with each grandtot. 
Chelsea got a little bit of time.....

Then I hummed some little lullabyes to Clayton as he laid on my chest... 
falling fast asleep in my arms.  
Oh the sweetness....  it makes me cry to look at these pics Erin took of us.

While Clayton slept, Chelsea helped Granfaddah start a campfire.  
They were sure to make Some-Mores over the campfire.

 Yummmmm so good. 

Ahhh heavenly....  the joys of grandparenting.  In a few weeks, there is a big Halloween celebration here in the park, with costume contests, pumpkin carving, hay rides and lots of fun.  We are hoping ALL of the grandkids are going to come and join in for the day.....


  1. I thought of you and all of the folks from Wisconsin when I heard that the Packers won. Congrats.

    I agree that grandchildren are the best part of life. After shopping this morning at the Farmer's Market & Costco, I told Jeannie I'm glad I'm past the stage of having to deal with kids all the time, and also that I'm glad I had only one daughter who I remember as being perfect! Jeannie didn't know if I was pulling her leg or not.

  2. LOVED the picture of the three of you walking in the woods! That should be something on a Hallmark card!

    Nothing like being a grandparent and you and Steveio give new meaning to the word "Grand". :c)

  3. WOOT! The Packers WON!
    Looks like you had an wonderful week-end. I can not believe how big Clayton is getting. They grow up way to fast. Chelsea, as usual, is adorable. (and looks just like you!) Love the picture of you and Steve walking with her.
    Have a good week.We miss ya both.

  4. Hi Karen, My husband,Eric, & I have been following your blog for months. We started full timing in mid April after selling our house and have been retired for 16 days. Eric & I appreciate your posts and look forward to more. You inspired me to start blogging our experiences.

    Ginny La Juene


  5. I too love being around the Grands, looks like you had a great weekend, did i read someplace where you got some LED lights for your awning. let me know where you got them so I can check them out. we have a set of owls that are on their third trailer and I am constantly buying bulbs for them. I have more invested in bulbs over the years than the two sets of lights. costs. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

    1. Hey Sam... yes, we got a string of solar LED lights (can plug them in to 110 too with adapator included) they were from Plow and Hearth. Here is my blog post from them: http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/2012/06/camping-ottawa-lake-in-up-of-michigan.html and there is a link on it to reach the website....

  6. Didn't get to see the Packers game but the Cardinals won in OT so everybody around here was pretty happy.Chelsea is such an adorable young lady. Nothing like little ones to make us enjoy our world.

  7. Popping in to say good morning and to thank you for my new hat. Rec'd it yesterday....LOVE IT! It will be nice and cozy'n'warm this winter and I love the colors. Thank you so much. I just might have to order a few more from your Etsy store (for some family members). It's so great that you and husband are able to fulltime and the fact that you are able to still do your yarn work. Enjoyed see the pictures of your grandchildren....so cute!!! ((hugs)) *Tricia

  8. Ahhh, thre RV life is such a blessing, especially when you can be near the grandtots. Enjoyed this blog so much!

  9. Lovely photos, lovely thoughts. So glad you have your grandchildren close enough they can visit. My first little grandson is over 1,000 miles away and it's hard not seeing him grow. He's four months now, but coming for a visit in December. Yay!


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