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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chelsea's Excellent Adventure - Gushy Grandchild Camping Post

It was 2 year old Chelsea's turn to come and spend an overnight with Granmuddah and Granfaddah Pfun.   I went to pick her up on Tuesday morning, right from her daycare center.   First I gave sleeping little Clayton a kiss on the head, and promised him that when he gets bigger, he can come camping too.   Then I went to Chelsea's play yard and came in unobserved.  I sat down and suddenly she spotted me!  RUSH to Granmuddah's arms, and off we went.  (the daycare knows me and was also informed by Erin that I would be taking her)

We had a 60 mile trek back to High Cliff State Park, but first we stopped at our other daughter Heather's apartment to visit a bit with Jameson and the kitties.  It was a nice break in the journey and gave us a chance for the use of the toilet, as Chelsea is pretty well potty trained and making the journey in her Big Girl Panties.    Then we headed on down to the Appleton area, and made a pit stop at Aldi's grocery store to stock up on provisions.  Ya know, the things little girls like such as bananas, raisins, and cookie baking supplies!

Once we got to our campsite, she helped me haul all the groceries in and put them all away.  Then we went looking for Granfaddah.  Ahhh there he was in a little white maintenance truck!   Check out the newest Maintenance Assistant at High Cliff State Park!

We didn't get to play on the big bulldozer and dump truck stuff, because the guys were all busy working with it during the day.  But we did manage to get over to the big big tower!  Chelsea climbed up all 64 steps, helping her Granfaddah count each and every one. 

We watched the sun set over the lake.. .and then... 
danged if that Tracker didn't go and turn into the ice cream place, The Chubby Seagull again!!!!

Chelsea said she needed a PINK ice cream cone.  Sure enough, they had PINK! 

She was even willing to SHARE! 

Did you know they even make Doggie Sundaes??? Complete with a doggie bone on top, in a dish that is tongue-friendly for a lapping pooch who loves ice cream?

Outdoors they have this great tourist attraction of a big blue adirondack chair to pose in.  Who can resist?   Also, it's a great landmark to tell all of our family and friend visitors to the park to turn left at the Big Blue Chair!

Throughout her stay with us, little Chelsea worked so hard to pick up trash and litter, (and walnuts and acorns and hickory nuts) that we bought her a High Cliff T Shirt of her very own.  Well, it's a bit on the big side, so she wore it as a sleep shirt after her bath! 

She cuddled in the bed this morning with Granmuddah after Granfaddah had to leave early for work.  We spent a nice morning walking dogs, picking up litter, reading stories and playing at the park.  Then it was time to get a little baking done.  I think more chocolate chips went in her mouth than in the cookies! 

We managed to save one plate full of cookies to use for dessert when her mommy and little brother came to get her.   Oh, and Granfaddah snitched one or two after he was done with work too.

Erin came down to get Chelsea, and we had a nice taco dinner ready, while I got to cuddle Clayton for a bit.  When both he and Mason are older, they can come for an overnight too.  But for now, at 5 months old, they won't know they are being skipped in the rotation. Next Monday, it's granddaughter Allegra's turn to come to spend a night with us. 

After a long hard day of grandchild entertainment, 
we are now setting back with a glass of wine, 
each of us on our laptops, 
sitting around a dying campfire.

I think it's time for bed.....



  1. That seagull certainly deserves to be chubby with that good lookin' PINK ice cream. Chelsea is a doll.

  2. I think you better get the Trackers steering checked, it seems to have a problem around ice cream parlors.

    1. Bwaahaaahaaaa I just read that comment aloud to Steveio. He said it sure seems to be more than a mechanical problem!

  3. I would say those are some really lucky grandchildren. BTW, did you ever notice how much Chelsea looks like you? I can see you as a child in her. Now that is something really special.
    So your Tracker likes to take you places that are good! Enjoy the Chubby Seagull while I go to the freezer, take out my bucket of "white" ice cream! Boring!
    Hope to catch up with you soon.

    1. Paula, I thought the same thing looking at those pics. Especially the one with the finished cookie.

      Oh, by the way, I KNOW your van turns into quilting shops with no help from you!

  4. I love the picture with her sitting in that huge chair.

  5. Love it, we can't wait for grandchildren! Fun times for sure.

  6. What an absolute doll! Sounds like she had a blast. (Granmuddah and granfaddah too.)

  7. Howdy K&S,
    Y'all hafta be the greatest g-ma & g-pa in WI!!! Those g-tots are the cutest, most precious kids ever, especially Chelsea!!! I HAVE SEARCHED EVERYWHERE, EXCEPT WHERE IT IS, FOR THE STORY ABOUT STEVE'S JOB CHANGE; WHY, WHEN DID IT COME ABOUT?? I'd really like to know!! Y'all are welcome to 'boondock' on the RunningStar Ranch, when you come to Texas; we're 54 miles S of Abilene, 48 miles NW of Brownwood & 68 miles ENE of San Angelo; IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!
    So QUIET you can hear your heartbeat!!! Your kind of 'boondocking'; NO ELECTRIC, NO SEWER, NO WATER & CLEAR SKIES, with a COE ACROSS THE HIWAY with FREE DUMP & WATER!!! THE RSR IS FREE TOO, ALSO!!! Coleman is 10 miles away with good store prices and an ALCO.. Brownwood has ALL OF THE REQUIRED
    RV STORES WalMart, Chili's, Colonel Sanders, etc.. Abilene has a MALL & 2
    WalMarts!! San Angelo also has 2 Wally Worlds, a Sams and Fort Concho & Fort Chadbourne!!! Come on down; we'll make you feel like natives in a Week!!!

    1. Once we knew our house sold, Steve put his recent testing scores up with the state to consider a job transfer. He got offers from all over the state to transfer to any department around the state and started interviewing for jobs. He has choices of state parks, prison facilities, national guard buildings and of course, other universities. He chose the DNR park system and interviewed for a few positions around the state. This one fit him well.

    2. We have been to that COE. This is the COE by the ranch with the sign....OLEO ACRES...Just a Cheap Spread that we told you of. Coleman... we went out for BBQ there, interesting town.

  8. I can understand taking a break in the journey is important - even I in my big girl panties like the breaks! Your grandchildren are so cute and it's great they get a chance to have your attention all for themselves.

    1. Whew... but they wear us out! I am glad we can "entertain" them as much as they "entertain" us. I am still chortling out loud over some of the things they said or did while here. What fun!

  9. Grandkids make life sooo enjoyable. Being able to share your RV home with them is the icing on the cake (pink!).

  10. What an adorable granddaughter. I remember ours when they were that age. If we could just keep them that age.

    Here we go again with the ice cream and even cookies. I'm going to have to figure out how to get ice cream to stay frozen in our little dinky freezer.

  11. I think I enjoyed Chelsea's visit as much as she did. Thanks for sharing... and for you amazing photography and writing skills. I always look forward to your blogs!

  12. Howdy Karen & Steveio,
    THE NEW HEADER IS VERY PRETTY!!! I thought Steve was head of maintenance, didn't know that included LAW ENFORCEMENT!!! That ice-cream store is JUST TOOO
    HANDY in my estimation!!! We think y'all are having the best of both worlds; working and home base!! Thanks for all of the pics and dialogue!! Enjoy the cool days, the cold ones aren't far away; then Steve can cross-country ski to work!!!


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