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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Motorohome Modifications - PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES EMS

It's a quiet Saturday around here... no Open Houses for this weekend.  Tomorrow I am very fortunate to be invited to our son and daughter-in-law's home for a cookout for Mother's Day!   I am actually really a "step mom" to Dan, though we never use that term with any of our kids.  I am so grateful that our son and dear daughterinlaw include me right along with the other Grandmothers for this special day.  Awwwwwww   I also get to cuddle Mason and play with Allegra!

I am bringing along a pot of Calico Beans....   got them simmering up a day early in the crock pot, and will put in the fridge overnight.  They always taste better the next day.
(before you have to ask, here is the recipe)


**warning** I am a dumper kind of cook, not a precise recipe person!!!

First, brown up some ground beef, bout half a pound, and chopped onion, and drain. Then either fry up about 4 strips of bacon, and cut or break into small pieces.  Or use those great bags or small jars of Hormel real bacon bits already made up! 

Now dump that and all this into a crock pot:

1 can kidney beans
1 can baked beans
1 can butter beans
a big squirt of ketchup
1/2 cup brown sugar
dollop of molasses
squirt of steak sauce
double squirt of BBQ sauce (we like Sweet Baby Rays)

season to taste
you can heat it up quick on the stove or
let it go a few hours on the slow cooker
some folks add grape jelly...
some folks add mustard...
some folks add vinegar...

Next week I am going out to a planned luncheon with both daughters and their kids too.  So it's more of a Mother's Week instead of a Mother's Day.  I realize that my daughters are now Mothers of their own.   They can do things with their own families on Sunday and their spouses's moms too.  I am not one of those mothers who demand a day of honor for me on the actual day.  Anytime around the day is fine! LOL

On to motorhome things!

We have kicked around the idea of getting a hard wired in Surge Protector for our motorhome.  We have two portable Surge Guard surge protectors circuit analyzers, one for 50 amp power pedestals and one for 30 amp power pedestals.  They work fine (we will be selling them if anyone wants to buy them from us-- contact me at pfundt@gmail.com for info before I put them on Ebay)   Only used a few times each, stored back in the package each time to keep them clean. New they were about $100 each.  Will sell for $50 each including shipipng.

30 amp portable Surge Guard                            50 amp portable Surge Guard

We figured before living in our rig full time, we should invest in the more expensive hardwired-in version. We have heard of folks getting power surges or spikes from their generators or from mis-wired pedestals in parks.  We don't often camp with hookups, but for the times that we do, it's nice to have the protection.   If we run the generator, we would be protected with a wired-in version.  Something the portable one out on the post can't do for us.

We did a little research, asked a few groups of RVers and finally decided on ordering the Progressive Industries EMS-LCHW50.   Of all the places we looked, the best price was at Camping World where they had a sale going on.  $255 (saved $110)   plus I looked up a coupon code for $5 off and only $6 shipping.  Not too bad.  This was ordered online at:
(both the 30 amp and 50 amp units were on sale)

When that gets here, I will take some pics of where Steve is going to wire it in our electrical service bay.

We are still going through a few things around the house to dispose of.  Imagine keeping your financial records since 1984?  Yup, I had some of those.  Also, I used to be a Real Estate Broker, so I had customer file transactions dating back to 1990!   (supposed to keep those for 10 years)    We stood in the garage with boxes of files with the shredder buzzing along until all were disposed of.  Steve took the huge compacted pile in a big lawn/leaf bag down to the woods and burned it!   Here is the start... it flamed up and then died out fast.  Not much for a paper fire.  Sigh.

See all of the wild trilliums in bloom??

Speaking of blooms, remember the doggie planter that I repainted in a few blogs back?  Well, I found some pretty African Violets to put in him!   Got him all planted up last night.  There... sooo pretty!  His head and tail are on springs so they "wobble" when you pet his head.  The grandkids get a kick outta him.  This adorable doggie planter I will take along in the motorhome.  He can ride along on the dash between our two consoles, and be brought outside on nice days too.  

It's almost noon, and Mr. Steveio is out there doing some stuff to the motorhome, and loading up some gear for next weekend.  I better get out there and see what mischief he is up to.  I think he is putting on the two Maxxair vent covers I painted last week.

Next weekend I have a weaving workshop to go to in Beloit area, so have a few things to load up.  Time to hit the road and have a nice getaway for a few days in the rig.  He can play around in the parking lot at the studio with minor repairs and upgrades while I am in my classes.   

About 6 years ago we were at the same workshop, and we had our Coachmen gas motorhome.  Steve went for a ride on our scooter to get a new filter for our generator, and drove down to Rockford, Illinois for the parts.  While there he happened to spot a pretty shiny blue Safari Serengeti diesel pusher rig and fell in LOVE with it.   Wonder what he will find this time?

Me and my Mom






  1. First and foremost have a happy Mothers Day with the kids. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    You and Kathy cook the same way so when we write up a recipe I have to sit there and asking her the ingredients and amounts she's putting in.

    It's about time.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you. We also don't use that step word in our family. I love your planter. He is going to be so cute for you to sit outside at your campsites.

  3. Good choice on the surge protector. I have the Progressive 30 AMP model for Mel and it's been replaced twice after saving my bacon and sacrificing itself for the cause. If you ever have a problem Progressive is good to work with.

  4. We went to camping world today too and one of the things we were looking at was the surge protectors. How funny is that. We looked at the both the hard wired and the plug in ones. Cant make up our minds which one to buy. Its not that cheap here. The plug in's are 369 and and the hard wired are 460. Also they werent on sale here. Maybe they will be later, will watch.
    thanks for posting the bean recipe, I'll have to try it.

    1. Hey Harriet... these were on sale ONLINE at the Camping World website:
      http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/product/surge-protector-with-voltage-protection-hardwired-amp/9608 both the 30 and the 50 amp are on sale. I will go put the link in my blog too...

  5. Hope you had a great Mother's Day with your son and daughter-in-law. Enjoy your outing with the girls this week. Love your THEN and Now pictures, its always fun to look at the different time spans.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Have always called my steps sons, my sons....hated the term 'step'
    love the planter

  7. I use the portable Surge Guard. It has saved our MH twice already.


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