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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jason Collingwood Workshop in Shopiere, WI - ShowNTell Friday night

Blog posting number two from Vavning Studio, in Shopiere, WI.

On Friday night, some of the weavers came back after dinner for a little ShowNTell session.   They had various items they had made and wished to share with the others in the group.  Many of us are not just rug weavers, but skilled in creating other areas of Fiber Arts.

I thought some of these pics would be interesting to my fiber fun blog readers.

Ellen helping Juanita show some of her woven rugs

Another one of Juanita's colorful creations in shaftswitching

Ellen modeled some of Juanita's woven garments

John showed two of his newest wool rugs in twills

John had some totes and mats too, done in creative patterns

John's wonderful woven blankets, with Juanita looking on in admiration

 Judith had some wonderful free form inlay 
weaving on a scarf

Jan had some lovely rugs to share, each one nicer than the next

 Look at this great saddle blanket she made! 

I really like this rug done in 3 end block weaves

Ellen was showing some samplers 
and a fun scarf she wove with novelty eyelash and metallic yarns

And her scarf in tencil has such gorgeous hand dyed colors...

Last, but not least, are Jim and Norma Burkett of http://www.paandmasrugs.com/   Norma demonstrated how to get every last inch of fabric out of a pair of jeans.  Denim rugs are their specialty, and they are known all over for their wonderful rugs.   Norma was done zipzipziping up the jeans with a little electric cutter in no time.  The remains of what is leftover is a perfect product to market to Biker Chicks as a pair of G String Blue Jeans!   LOL

So that is what did on Friday night .... now it's Saturday night and I am pooped.  Saturday's pics are still in the camera yet.

Whew.. what a busy busy day!   It's been hot hot hot in the 90's and very humid. We just aren't use to this at all!   Steve and the dogs are hanging out in the motorhome, and started the generator for a while to cool off with the air conditioners.

It was soooo hot that the afternoon sun on the side of the motorhome caused the fridge to warm up.  We had to prop open the back of the fridge's compartment door and stick a fan inside to cool it.  Steve is going to get some small 12 volt fans to mount in there permanently.  For now it's okay and our food is safe again. 

I am crawling off to bed now, and tomorrow is only a half day of weaving, and as everyone finishes up, I am cooking them a meal to send them on their way home.

(hope it cools off!)


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  1. Such wonderful projects. My favorite is the Tencel scarf. Thanks for sharing all these creative people's talents.


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