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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day - Gushy Grandchildren Post

Yes, this is a Gushy Grandchildren Post! 

I get to post it because it was Mother's Day and I earned it. 


Sorry to all my RVer blog readers looking for a gem or nugget of RV stuff.
Sorry to my Fiber Fanatical Friends looking for weaving or knitting or spinning.  
Sorry, it's Grandmuddah Pfun Post Time!

I woke up on Sunday morning by getting a nice Mother's Day back rub, then my coffee delivered to my bedside.  Perfectly cooled with exactly three ice cubes and big dollop of French Vanilla creamer.  What luxury!   After some lay-around time, opening cards I had gotten in the mail, my sneaky guy un-hid the hidden planters he had gotten me!

The one on the left is a begonia and some pretty purple flowers a bit like pansies mixed in the basket.  The one on the right is hanging roses!  I have never seen a hanging rose plant before!   Mixed in on top are some tiny blue flowers too.   Steve said the nursery lady told him the roses can be planted later to make a climbing trellis type bush!   So I think I will pass the roses on to Erin to plant in their yard once I am done with it here on the deck .  Soooo pretty and just a riot of color for the gazebo overlooking the river.

We got ready and headed on over to our son Dan and daughter-in-law Heather's house for a Mother's Day cookout!  I had my crockpot of calico beans along and they smelled so good all the way there.  Heather's family was there too.  They made up grilled brats and chicken and lots of nice salads and desserts.   We got in some fun time with grandchildren Mason and Allegra!  My goodness he is already 6 weeks old---

ALLEGRA                                        MASON

Grandfaddah got in some playtime in Allegra's new sandbox.  
She helped her daddy build it, and she even helped to paint it!

After our meal was done, we helped set up Allegra's swimming pool.  I hauled some buckets of hot water from the sink, to help offset the cold water from the hose.  She didn't care if it was ALL cold.  She was having fun and entertained us with her antics. Silly Tiger kept digging in the water, I think he was looking for a way to China.

Our daughter-in-law Heather posed under the tree by the fence for some Mother's Day photos.  The shadows were covering little Mason, and I tried to lighten them up as much as I could.  Heather said we know now for his baptism pics in a few weeks to NOT pose there.

It was a delightful day, and I got in my hugs! 

On Monday morning, daughter Erin picked me up and we drove down to Green Bay.  The grandchildren Chelsea and Clayton were in the back seat, and Chelsea said she was very happy to have her Grandmuddah riding in her car!  We met up with daughter Heather and grandson Jameson.  We all headed over to Colburn Park in Green Bay.   I used to take the girls here when they were small, and the girls nicknamed it "Squirrel Park" back then.  They have a great hill for sledding in the winter.  Sometimes I would drive over to the park with the motorhome in the evenings and let them play with their sleds on the hill.  I would heat up hot cocoa and make a pizza for the kids.  It was wonderful to have the motorhome there for bathroom breaks, drying out mittens, or changing wet boots and socks for something dry to go back out on the hill again.  We would stay well after dark, until the park closed at 9pm.  Then I would drive back the 2 miles or so to our house in Green Bay.  What fun!  So this park holds fond memories for our family.

Back to our picnic:

CHELSEA                               CLAYTON                         JAMESON       

Erin had picked up a picnic lunch from Erberts & Gerberts, my most favorite sub shop! We spread out the picnic blanket and had a great time.  That old red plaid stadium blanket was used for picnics way back before the girls were even born, and it's over 30 years old now, still going strong. The weather was perfect, a slight breeze, temps in the 70's and low humidity.  

The kids had a blast on the slides and teeter-totter.  Up and down and around they went on all the playground toys.  I can not think of a more pleasant way to spend a day. Ahhhhh

We took turns taking care of little Clayton, so everyone got a chance to hold him, feed him, burp him and even change him.  What fun.  We were all on Mommy Duty, and enjoyed the giggles, laughter and shouts of joy from the two pre-schoolers--- and the coooos from the baby!

The kids shared yogurt raisins with each other as a snack, 
and then shared hugs and kisses with little Clayton.  

And, of course, I got in my hugs and kisses too! 



  1. Pretty darn nice mother's day, with daughters and grandbabies. So much fun to have your family nearby.

  2. I enjoy your blog. Don't apologize for sharing pictures of your beautiful grandchildren. While RVng is your lifestyle and quilting your hobby, it's obvious that your family means the world to you. It's a shame that there aren't more extended families in this country who pass values from generation to generation. We wouldn't have so many problems. Your grandchildren are adorable and beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures of them. I got my bragging in the other day when my granddaughter graduated from UGA with honors and is striving for a career in cancer research. :)

  3. Get togethers with the Grands like that are the memories that will always be remembered by all. Happy Grandmudders Day.

    It's about time.

  4. Karen, it look like some people are working very hard on spoiling you. Be sure and soak it up.

  5. What a cool idea with the motorhome and sledding hill!

    Hope you'll take a look at my latest post and correct me if need be about the spinning wheels and such. :)

  6. Of course I love grandkid posts - been known to do it myself from time to time. Looks like you had a wonderful time enjoying all the little ones. Cute pictures.

  7. You are truely blessed to have all those adorable grandchildren. They sure make life a blast. Keep the pictures coming! :c)

  8. I just love your Grandmuddah, Grandfaddah, titiles. :)


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