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Friday, May 4, 2012

More painting on a gorgeous spring day

Ahhh more thunderstorms rolled on through during the night, but this morning dawned fresh and clean and sunny!  Blue skies and no clouds----  what a great day to wind up the week.

We have Open Houses scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday again...  today I will do our last spit lick and polish on the house and head on out to sleep in the motorhome for the weekend.  It's kinda fun to live out there, even if it's in the driveway.  Our neighbor again offered to let us park it over in his yard during the open houses.  He will be gone, so it's no problem for us to drive it and our cars over there.

We had some nice folks come through on last Saturday and Sunday, some serious lookers, some were just "lookee-loo's".  Hope this weekend will be just as busy.   We also added our home advertisement to the Green Bay paper and they automatically add it to the HomeFinders web page for more exposure:

(anyone wanna buy a house?) 

My painting finger was still itchy... today was spray can paint day!

I have this adorable little doggie planter I got a number of years ago from my darling mother-in-law as a gift.  It has gotten a bit rusty and worn over the years, and needed some holes patched with JB Weld (wonderful stuff!)  Then once that dried, I bought a can of this wonderful speckle stone paint to give him a new look.   I had used this same type of spray paint on the light fixtures in our livingroom and it's a very good product.  The textured paint hides any imperfections or discolorations, and gives it a fresh new look.

I popped out the big round gem stone eyes, which I can glue them back in later.  I gave him two coats and he sure came our PURRTYY!

I think I am going to plant some African Violets in him this time, so I can take him in and out of the motorhome.  Violets don't grow fast, and the blooms last a long time.  This is the one planter we are going to take along in the rig with us when we go full time.

The next items to fall victim to my spray can are the two Maxxair vent covers for the motorhome. I had originally painted them to match our rig but didn't use the good plastic type paint meant for them.  They had flaked some, and Steve took them off the last time he was on the roof so I could give them a new coat (Steve hates painting)   I used Krylon brand Fusion spray paint.  Two good coats and now they are drying.  When Steve gets home he can put them back on, as I am a tad bit chicken to go up on the ladder with nobody home to call 911 if I fall off!

There are many reason to use a Maxxair vent on an RV, whether it's a motorhome, travel trailer or fifthwheel.   When it's raining, of course, it means you can still keep your roof vents open for fresh air without getting rain inside.  Okay... that is the obvious one and makes sense.

But, if you are an RVer, how many times were you AWAY from your rig, touring the sights or gone out to eat.  Suddenly it starts to rain, and you have the complete panic mode of wondering if you shut the roof vents or not?  Was rain pouring in on your couch, your bed, your bathroom, your carpeting?   If you had the Maxxair covers, you wouldn't have to worry about that.

Another reason is snow....   the weight of snow on the thin vent covers can crack them, especially if they are more brittle after a few years of UV exposure.   I can not imagine the horror of coming out to your rig after a winter's worth of snow was dripping inside, making a mound of snowy ice on the floors and furniture, and melting as the temps warm up.  Again, if you had the Maxxair covers that would not be such a worry.

Our friends Jim and Dee of http://tumbleweed-jimdee.blogspot.com/  just bought Maxxair covers for their fiver.  They had suffered a broken vent cover in a horrible hail storm last week!   So now when they went to the RV dealer to buy a new vent cover lid, they also bought a Maxxair cover to go over it for added protection.  Guess that's another reason for the Maxxair I never thought of!  Hail protection.  

Hmmm  I know that sounds like a commercial, but believe me, I have no connection to the company, just a satisfied customer!

They normally come in white or black or smoke colors.  No blue.  That is why we painted ours, as I think it looks nice to have them blue to kinda match with the painted air conditioners on our roof. The Krylon paint color was close enough of a match to make it look "spiffy" dontcha think?

As an added note,  please consider logging onto this link and voting for my RV friends Ruth and Kevin.

They stand a good chance of winning this trip to Australia.  You don't have to register or give any personal information.  Just click the link and hit the vote button once a day.  The contest ends June 7th, so if you want to, put this link on your desktop and vote every day!  Thanks!!!!

Their RV blog is here: http://www.travelwithkevinandruth.com


  1. Karen, love the dog and you won't even have to worry about leash rules at the parks.

  2. Same blue I painted on my max air's.. but I did it on the inside so the paint would last longer...


    You are so right about the MAXX Air covers; we have them on ALL of our vents
    EXCEPT the one the 1 1/2 hail broke, over the shower(what luck) NONE of the others even cracked!!! You're such a good painter, among everything else you do so fantastic... Is there ANYTHING YOU AREN'T PERFECT AT?? Thank you, for
    being on the READ TEAM and drumming up votes for Ruth & Kevin.. WE'RE AGONNA WIN!!!

  4. I love how the dog's head bobbles up and down! I am glad you are taking him with you. Does he have a name? :-)

  5. I have some african violets if you want some. Let me know.
    Nice job painting. Looks purty.

  6. I wouldn't want to stand still in your yard, I'd be a horse of a different color in no time.

    You must have some Rembrandt DNA! ;c)

  7. Yep, we love our Maxxair covers. Wouldn't leave home without em:))


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