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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Rainy Open House Day - and a motorhome for sale!

It was a dreary icky wet yucky day.....  

The Open House was a bust, and we sat here with our soft music playing, while watching the rain come down.  I tied fringes on some rugs, and started a twisted fringe on a blanket.  That was about it.

At 4pm Steveio left in our Tracker to take down our signs, and I started some ribs in the pressure cooker and sweet corn on the grill for supper.  We grilled in the garage door opening and under the overhang.  The rain and dark and dampness just didn't bring out any homebuyers, that is for sure.  

Until.... as I was cooking, a car drove up slowly.  The passengers were looking at the house through the raindrops!   They backed up and looked some more as I was putting on my shoes to go out and wave em on in!   But.... by the time I got outside, they must have decided to not intrude.  I had seen someone writing something down on a piece of paper, what I imagine is our phone number from the sign.  So maybe they will call now for a private showing.

We do have two other private showings scheduled in the next two weeks ...

Wish us luck!

Oh....  some good RVing friends of ours from California are selling their Winnebago Warrior Toyota Motorhome.  If anyone is interested, or you know someone, please pass this on?

"We are selling our beloved toy if you know anyone interested. As we have aged we need more amenities and space. I loved this little rig and it is good to go. We have cleaned it up this week end. Located in Pinole, CA.
Contact lgclark@gmail.com if interested.
We are asking $8,900 which everyone at the recent rally thought was very fair.
It's a 1989 20ft. Winnebago Warrior Toyota 3.OL V6 81,5000 miles. Gets 12-15 mpg
Complete engine rebuild at 58,500 miles
Complete tune up with new hoses, belts, radiator, front brakes and timing belt at 73,800 miles.

Kohler 2500 watt generator - noisy :-) 
Coleman 7100 BTU air conditioner/heater
Solar panels-150 wattts with monitor
Extend -a-stay propane system
Oversized refrigerator
Oversized dining table
Double sink
Four burner stove
Microwave oven
AGM 12V coach battery"

Photos can be seen:




  1. Thanks, Karen. It is going to be sad parting with this little RV. We are the second owners and have taken good care of her. I bought it from a retired nurse who wanted to travel with her dog. Now we need something a little larger.

    1. I put the word out... and my blog also goes to two other RVing groups... if it sells from a lead I give you, you owe me a bottle of wine!

      (but only if we drink it together!!!)

  2. Sorry the weather messed up your open house. I hope they call for a showing. As nice as your house is, I am sure that it will sell soon, all you need is good weather. Have a good week.

  3. Sorry the people didn't stop, but maybe it will be better if they come back in good weather.

    I think I might jump on that Toyota except for the fact that as I get older it would be more difficult to climb up into the bunk. What a nice looking rig!

    1. Gypsy, I know they often just kept the table bed folded down and slept there. They spent a lot of time outside so it didn't matter if the table was down. Or on rainy days they just on the bed like a couch to watch a movie or type on laptopns.

    2. Missed a word there and misspelled one too...
      "Or on rainy days they just SAT on the bed like a couch to watch a movie or type on laptops"

  4. Sorry to hear your open house was a bust, but I guess no one wanted to brave the weather.

  5. Whoa! You scared me! I thought you decided to give up your full time dream, stay in the house and sell YOUR RV. :cO

    That little Winnie could make a good toad for somebody... ;c)

  6. You will get a hot buyer one of these days,,,just hang in there and have faith.......Wait and see! Good luck.....

  7. Keeping fingers crossed and prayers that your home will sell......hope the next open house goes better!


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