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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snitcher and the TREE

I fear that my blogs are going to become boring now that camping season is over.  I am thinking I will start taking one previously made motorhome modification at a time to talk about, sprinkle in a bit of the fiber arts and grandkids, and try to make it through the winter doldrums----  and keep you entertained?

First off... for those of you who get my emails or facebook posts, you already know about this, but for my blog readers, I HAVE to tell you this story:

The other day after dinner, I could hear Steve in the kitchen sputtering and choking, and then laughing!   I asked him twice what he was laughing about, but he was not going to answer me because he was alternating between the chuckles and making strange faces with his tongue sticking out of his mouth!

OMG-----  when I found out what he did, I was laughing soooooo hard too!

Seems he managed to snitch what he thought was a piece of white sponge candy, when, in fact, he had snitched a tablet of dishwasher soap and popped it in his mouth!!!!!!   Yes, I am NOT kidding, that is exactly what he did!     See the white square on the top of this photo? (can't get the photo to rotate)

Why would we leave a tablet of unwrapped dishwasher soap on the counter, you ask?   We wait till the dishwasher has started the washing cycle before popping open the door to drop in a soap tablet-  otherwise with this dumb bargain brand it won't dissolve properly when set in the little door compartment.  So it was sitting there on the countertop, right next to the sponge candy, when he was messing around in the kitchen.  The worst part is...  it's HIS FAULT!!!   Because HE was the one who opened the wrapper on the soap tablet and put the tablet there in the first place!!!!!! 

To help him out, 
I  have now placed a few well-meaning Post It notes 
to make sure he doesn't do it again!

Once this pack of bargain dishwasher soap is gone, 
we are going back to the Cascade toss in tablets that worked much better than these. 

On Friday, we went to cut our Christmas tree over at the Dicks U Dig It nursery.  He has a whole slew of Blue Spruce trees that have grown scraggly and rangy and out of shape to be used for landscaping, so he lets people go out in his woods and cut them down.  $10 a tree, any size or shape.


No snow right now, so we drove the car (last year we took the 4x4 Tracker) ....  Steve cut it down, we stuffed it in the car with a half of the back seat laid down it was able to wedge in just enough to keep it from falling out.  But I had to sit in the other back seat and hold the end of the trunk as low as possible to keep the tip of the tree from dragging on the road.  It wasn't far to get home, so we didn't really need to tie it up.  Good 'Nuff he said. 

We listened to Christmas Carols on the radio as we drove home, and a few snow flakes were floating down, lazily making it a picture postcard tree-getting day!

Annnnnd the tree is UP! 

It's about a ten footer.  Just reaching the bottom corner of the diamond window.  Some years, when the kids were home, we would get them to touch tippy top of the cathedral ceiling 18 feet tall!  

The doggers are getting excited about Christmas too, can't you tell?   

They don their musical flashing light antlers every year and entertain us with their sour puss expressions... LOL 

I have been scurrying the last few weeks filling customer orders, and shipping and packing and making my lists, checking them twice.  My customers have been very good to me!   I am on my last custom order of 7 pairs for Vinny, but if someone still wants to order socks that are in my inventory, I can ship them out Priority Mail to get there by Christmas!   This year the socks are flying out of my Estore, but I took a break to work on weaving some dishtowels in the early morning light.  This is my best time to weave, and I get more accomplished in the early morning.  Even in my jammies!

I am at the end of of what I was thinking about writing, and a nap might be calling my name. 
Steve lit a fire in the fireplace, and we are going to relax and take it easy this evening.


  1. Steve should have said a few swear words before he washed his mouth out with soap! :)

  2. The tree looks great and Steve looks so relaxed with his fire and 'puter at his side.

  3. That was a good, clean story! Thanks for the laugh, it was really funny (for us, but not for Stevio).

  4. Rigg's is the same way with his reindeer rack, he hates it.They look like he does. Thanks for your words of encouragement with there accidental poisoning.So far so good no signs of distress.I know you will have a great Christmas with the Grands. Be safe out there and stay warm we expect to see you guys this summer again. Sam & Donna.

  5. Beautiful fireplace and a lovely tree...and we are still chuckling about the soap and the goodie mix-up.

  6. sweet furkids..:) and so cooperative with the antlers-we used to have a sheltie..I have to ask sometimes I see their picture and they look like two shelties...other times one looks like a full size collie..do you have one of each? Love your tree...fire looks cozy for sure

  7. Yup.. Duchess (aka Dumb Ducky) is the collie.. the one with the long nose. She is on the small side.

    Duke (aka Dookie Palookie) is the sheltie... he is on the plump and pudgy side. LOL LOL LOL

  8. Maybe people are getting the message Buy American! Sales have been pretty good for me this season too.

  9. I am sooooo envious of your fireplace. I said to Don that when we move to MI in a few years (after he retires) the place we buy "must" have either a fireplace or wood stove. Photos like yours make me miss my pellet stove and my cabin (which I sold when I moved to Madison) very much......all in good time though, eh?

  10. I'm still laughing over poor Steve and his treat! That's one of those stories you need to tell the grands and pass on down the family line. The pups look really disgusted with the whole thing. There is no way ours would tolerate such treatment. lol Beautiful tree.

  11. Your tree is just gorgeous! Perfect place for it, too. And yes, I giggled at Steve's mistake, poor guy!

  12. Wow, Steve is lucky he didn't get really sick from the dishwasher soap. It contains some pretty strong stuff. You look warm and cozy there in your house even with all that "awful" white stuff outside in the background.


  13. I was thinking the same as Judy... WHAT did Steve say that was bad enough that he felt compelled to wash his own mouth out with soap??!! Sorry Steve, but that was a very funny story!

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

    Kerri in AL :-)

  14. Well, I can sure see how the soap mix up occurred! BLECH! Are you sure he wasn't being a potty mouth? :-) Lovely home, lovely fireplace, lovely tree. I sure miss the snow and being in Michigan and Indiana for the winters!


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