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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with the Grandtots

Here is the second part of Christmas Day... I just had to break up the blog posts into two postings because I needed to add a bunch more photos, because they were just so gosh durned CUTE!

As we headed up from Pete's house towards the Northwoods of Wisconsin, I was feeling queasier and sicker and not having a good feeling about my belly (after 2 stomach and esophagus surgeries, it can be quite difficult at times)  I took what pills I could to make it through the rest of the day.   I wasn't worried about spreading anything, as this is just what routinely happens to me from time to time due to the complications from the surgeries, and I wasn't contagious.

Oh what a wonderful evening!   We all gathered at Erin and Mark's house as it's the largest of all of our kids homes and lots of room for the little ones to ram around and have fun. Besides, they have a big screen tv to watch the Packer Game on at 7pm.  LOL

Erin had popped in a ham and set out a buffet of foods to munch on all through the evening.  The little ones were snitching from the buffet table in the dining room, so we had to move back all the sweets and only let the veggies, cheeses, sausages and pickles/olives/relishes in their reach.  Those little stinkers had pieces of carrots and rims from venison summer sausage left laying all over the place.

The guys hauled in all of the gifts to place under the tree.  We told the kids that Santa left these presents at our houses, so we had to bring all these over for them to open.  They were very well behaved and looked and oohed and ahhhed over them, but didn't touch them until it was time to unwrap.

Soon it was time to start distributing presents, and the unwrapping began.  Papers flew left and right, and the wee ones were delighted with each wonderful toy or book or game and even their new penguin jammies!

Each of the three grandtots gave their mommies special presents, a "diamond" (cubic zirconia) necklace!   The mommies were quite pleased to get some BLING from their little sweeties.  How cute!

Toys were everywhere and the wrapping paper was piling up, as new toys were discovered... squeals of joy and excitement were ringing in our ears.   Little Jameson added to the hubbub with his train conductor whistle that came with his engineer costume for Thomas the Tank series.  He is a train NUT.  Little Allegra loved her new dolly set so much she hugged the unopened box!   It has a stroller, crib, high chair, diaper bag, etc all the things to let her learn to be a good mommy to her baby doll.  And to learn how to help care for her little brother due in April.

See the big black garbage bag crammed full of discarded wrapping paper?  LOL  Amazing how much we pay for paper to hide presents that will be ripped off in 2 seconds flat and crumpled up to throw away?  At least it will be recycled.  But who can deny the "Ooohs" and "Ahhhhs" as they discover each item while ripping off the paper? 

Soon it was time for the Big Game to start on tv.  It was the Packers vs Bears and if they won, it would be the cinching up for Home Field Advantage for all of the playoff games.  We cleaned up a bit, and herded the wee ones into the adjoining playroom, so the grownups could watch the game in peace.  I was still not feeling the best, but I was able to take a few more meds and hang on.  

I changed each kiddo into their new penguin jammies (or Waddle Waddle Jammies as Chelsea calls penguins)   They are just toooooo cute, dontcha think?

(the girls both leaned over impulsively and kissed their big cousin) 

We got some wiggles and giggles out as they danced to some music, and we played with some of the new toys.  They had things scattered all over the playroom, and then it was time to start to settle down with a few stories.  I was fading fast and not doing so well, but the game went on and we tried to keep the kiddos in the playroom as much as we could.

I managed to line them up in a row to get a mug shot.... as you can see, Jameson was not happy about being made to sit still for a minute.  LOL   But I promised a 17th reading of his favorite story, so he sat long enough for this shot.  Then all three bounced back up and flung themselves around the room like a bunch of monkeys.

We let them loose at half-time to go out by the big folks, so I could take a little break.  Whew!  HOW did I do this, day after day, with my own kids and four other day care kids all under the age of five????    I know, I was in my 20's then, and had a LOT more energy.  Once halftime was over (the Packers were winning)  I hauled them all back for a few more stories and they started to slow down a bit.... whew....

Heather and Jesse left first with Jameson before the game was over, to drive back to Green Bay.
Then Chelsea was tooo overtired and konking out so Mommy put her up in her own bed.
But little Allegra was going strong till the end of the game at 10:45!   
Packers won 35-10 !!!

I was not feeling well at all, but managed to help clean up a bit and then we headed on home ourselves.  It's only about 4 miles home, but I was soooo glad to get into my jammies as my stomach illness hit me full force.  I gulped down more gastric and pain pills and tried to get comfortable.  I was ill for the next two days, but it was made tolerable by looking back at pics like this and remembering my good time with my wee ones! 

And just think, there will be two MORE wee ones in April to add to the pile.  
I am sure this Granmuddah's arms are big enough to hold them ALL!



  1. Hope your illness passes soon and you get back to your self soon.

    We know what you mean about grandkids and being better able to deal with it in our younger years.

    Keep enjoying and take care.

    It's about time.

  2. Absolutely great pictures and sounds like a wonderful Christmas. You are so lucky to have the grandchildren close by for visiting. Hope you are feeling better real soon.


  3. So sweet in their jammies! Great photos and a great way to document wonderful times with the grandkids...Hope you are over the flu by the time you read this!

  4. Hoping you're feeling much better by today. So glad you were able to enjoy your family, though.


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