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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update Steves Mom and Visit from Fellow Safari Owners

Steve's mom is doing much better and out of the ICU!  We are relieved and thankful that things are on the upswing!  She has been walking a bit and eating now too.  The fevers are gone and the heart rate has returned to normal.  Let's hope this is going to continue and she will beat this horrible disease.   Thank you for all your prayers, kind thoughts and love winging our way.

We had a nice weekend...  Friday we got Allegra here to babysit overnight, Saturday Steve worked on our son Dan's bathroom. Erin and I took the *girls* shopping and then dropped Allegra back off at their house.  Planning Heather's wedding shower for next weekend, so we got lots of things accomplished during our shopping trip.

On Sunday, we slept in and got a few things done around the house.  The weather finally cooled off!  It was a nice~breezy~blue~sky~puffy~white~cloud~day!

Some RVing friends came over to visit... and deliver a weaving/fiber toy.  Mel and Paula from the blog http://schitzaflyin.blogspot.com/      Mel knows us from being on the yahoo group Safari Friends and Paula knows us from blogging.   They live in Central Wisconsin, but they were passing through on their way to Michigan.   She found a great tool at a quilting shop and thought of me, sure enough, it was a horizontal warping creel and I can use it!

They called from their cell phone once they were down on the corner, to forewarn us they were coming!  LOL   and in they rumbled up in their Safari Sahara with toad car behind.....

Meet Mel and Paula, fellow Safari RVers! 

They pulled up in front of our house and just parked along the edge of the lawn.  
Then no need to unhook or back up or turn around.  

The back of their rig has some running horses (and a tiny hidden frog)    
Most Safari rigs came from the factory with a painted on mural by the Dame family.  
These are not stickers or prints, they are actually painted on each rig 
and coated with clearcoat to preserve them.  Read more here: 

Right away the guys got talking rigs and modifications and all of the neato things they have done.  
Here Steve and Mel crawled underneath to see how Mel put a side vent into the rig for his air cleaner unit. 

They have made some interesting modifications inside too, many of which we are going to copy! 

Rubber floor molding trim around shower skylight  -   add a 12v light in the middle of the 120Vac fixture

Add toggle switch to the kitchen smoke alarm   -   add a tiny LED light over the toilet area for boondocking

Plus they gave us a great lead on a new power shade for the front windshield instead of the messy curtains in the pic below.  Paula took a new pic of us in front of our rig for my facebook profile!

All too soon, it was time for them to head on down the road.... and here they are, pulling out and away!

Thanks for the great visit, Paula and Mel!   Catch ya next time!



  1. So glad to hear Stevio's Mom is doing better, hope you guys can get out for a weekend soon, Don't you love having blogger visit's, we have had two so far this summer and for being newguy's I think that is great , even Rigg's loves the visit's, he met Jodie & Coco. and is wanting to make a Florida trip for a visit this fall.Hope the heat is over for you for now. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. good news on "mom" and nice of you to take visitors in... wished we could but we have no space around us...

  3. Great news about Mom. Yeah!

    That pic of the 2 guys sticking out from under the rig is so funny. It's a "guy thing". Nice touches your friends made to their Safari. Great ideas for even us non-Safari people.

  4. I like your motorhome better, the blue trim really sets it off. Great shot of the two of you in front of your "baby". :c)

    Do you have a painting on the back of your MH?

  5. Paul and Marti.. yes, we have two white tigers on the back of ours (but I DO like horses better than tigers) and a tiny mouse hidden in the panel. Here is a link to touring our motorhome that has the pic of the tigers on back:

  6. So glad to hear that Steve's mom is doing better. We will certainly keep her in our prayers for continued progress.

    Glad your Safari friends came by to see you all. They have certainly made some nice upgrades on their MH.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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