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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two NO-CAMPING weekends in a row!

Oh gosh, can you imagine we aren't going camping again??  That is 2 weekends in a row!

Last weekend Steve worked with our son Dan on his bathroom remodel down in Green Bay.  They are laying tile and making a walk-in shower stall.  So this weekend I guess that he is going back to help do some more on it.

It's kinda okay though, because it's very very hot and humid and muggy for Wisconsin.  If we camped like we normally do, rustic with no hookups, we would have to run the generator 24/7 for the AC to run.  And who wants that in the middle of the woods?   I think the heat index today is like 105 degrees... UGH!

I think that I will babysit little Allegra while the guys work on the shower stall. Daughterinlaw Heather has to work till noon on Saturday.  I can not imagine 2 guys trying to lay tile and keep track of a mobile 8 month old baby!  Soooooooo   Granmuddah to the rescue!  Erin and I can take both babies with us shopping, and bring little Allegra back when her mommy comes home.  We are gonna shop for some of the decorations, supplies and door prizes for our daughter Heather's wedding shower.  That is next weekend, the 22nd.     Soooo another weekend with NO CAMPING!

Looking forward to our 2 week vacation that is coming up soon---  we will go camping and we will wander and see where we end up.....

This heat is really getting to people-  short tempers and no relief in sight till after the weekend is over.  We don't have any central air in our log house, and there is no ductwork or vents in the walls to run it through.  But we have been cool enough down in the lower level of our home, with our portable air conditioner sitting here.

It vents out the patio door and the condensation water runs out a small hose, which can be fed into a bucket or also drained out the door under the venting hose.  Usually we keep it up in the bedroom loft area and let it blow down over the livingroom/kitchen great room.  But during this oppressive heat and humidity it can not keep up with that much square footage up there.  About 1,200 sq ft ... down here is only 800 or so.   The brand name is Solaris. But I call him Mr. Robot!

Since this heat wave started, I just moved myself down to the loom room.
Moved down the portable crib for Chelsea when I babysit her
Moved down the dogs water dish to the bathroom down here
Moved down the laptop to the cutting table
Moved down to the guest bedroom down here for sleeping at night

Now if we had meals delivered, I would never have to even go upstairs to the main floor!

Little Chelsea has been coming every day, and enjoying the cool loom room too.  I put her to work chaining these loopers into chains for weaving into rugs.  I think I am violating child labor laws, but if the child is related, it's legal, right???    (just kidding)

Actually I am getting a lot done... I wound warp thread on three looms,  
one at 25 yards,
one at 45 yards and 
one at 75 yards.    

Think about:

330 threads per loom times three looms = 990 threads
75, 45 and 25 yards = 145 yards for all three looms
990 times 145 means that I had 143,550 yards worth of string!!!

All passed through my hands and tools to get all wound on evenly tensioned and perfect with no crisscrossing or snarls or mess-ups!   This is the rack I load up with spools.. and wind it in 2" sections on each loom,  turn by turn.  Reloading the rack with more spools as each one runs out.

And I already wove two rugs and cut one off....

So that is it for now... but stay tuned for something *motorhome-ish* coming up perhaps by the weekend. Also RV friends Paula and Mel from are going to stop here with their Safari Sahara on their way through ... they are headed to cooler up north parts!    Wish we were!



  1. I'll think about you guys tonight as I sit in my lawn chair next to the trailer and look out across the soybeans,and watch the tains go by, of course with the proper refreshment in my hand.Oh well is this a great country or what. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I'm sorry you're having such a heat wave. I know how miserable that can be. Our weather is a little cooler (down from 105) and we're getting some breeze so it's not as oppressive. Love the pictures of Chelsea helping you. She seems to be a very good helper.

  3. sounds like a little of our normal Texas heat has made it up your way... sorry :]

  4. Wow I didn't realize ya'll could get so hot.

    Neat air conditioner! Yeah I wouldn't be camping in that heat either!! The grandbaby is really getting big..and she is always soo cute with her expressions!1 lol

    Cindy and Walker

  5. Here we are visiting our son and family in Oregon and today is the first day the sun has come out since we got here last Friday. It's gotten up to a whopping 64 degrees!

    Two weekends and no camping? Try not to chew off all your fingernails until you get back out there!

  6. You know its rough when the temps are that high in Wisconsin. Glad you are coping! Your little helper is just soooo cute!! Precious!!

    The rug that I am thinking of you doing for me will be in the kitchen of the motorhome. It will be on a wood laminate floor so I suppose I will have to put one of the skid pads under it so it will not slip when we walk on it. How are these rugs cleaned?? I am not sure what type/fabric would be best but our colors are dark burgandy, deep green (almost hunter) and beige. If you have any suggestions please let me know. The size I am thinking about would be about 2x3 but it could be a bit larger. I need to work within a budget (unfortunately) but would LOVE to have one of your rugs. My e-mail is on our blog page. Thanks!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. It has been very hot here as well. The owner of the campground has a AC unit very similar to yours in his apartment which is above the camp store/office and it works well for their little area.

    Chelsea is adorable!

    It looks like at lot of work threading your loom, but the result is a beautiful rug. Well worth the effort!

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Sounds like you have a good set up...with the "loom room"....to help you get through the hotter weather. We live in Washington (state)near the Canadian border, so we miss a LOT of hot weather. Haven't been able to get out in our 5th wheel (except for local locations) due to health, operations, etc. We'll get out there sooner or later though. Oh....and I just read you comment on Dee's site about SS. Hate to break it to you, but when SS checks start, its not "rolling in money"... or however you put it, BUT it sure does help with expenses. BTW love your rugs!!!

  9. How well I remember trying to sleep in our upstairs bedroom in an un-air -conditioned house as a newlywed in Wisconsin. As a child, I accepted it as part of summer. The heat didn't bother me until I was an adult. The humidity was the worse part.

    Heyduke mentioned Texas. We lived there too, but it was dry.


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