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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dreary Thursday - and a No-Camping Weekend coming up

Ahhh it's a cloudy Thursday here in Wisconsin and its gonna rain on and off all day, and even worse tomorrow with thunderstorms moving on in.   Might get some weaving done today when this little beetle bug Chelsea takes a nap.

So gloomy looking out there and grey skies.  It's a good thing we took a fun ride out in the Tracker last night!   It was sunny and nice and warm yesterday.  We popped little Chelsea in the back seat to deliver her to her mommy after work, and we stopped to bring the numbers to our insurance agent so the coverage would be completed.  He had previously covered us over the phone, but he needed the vehicle ID number to finish the paperwork.

Then we flipped the top all the way down and back behind the back seat and took off for the beach!   LOL... actually the breakwater harbor in Oconto.   It sure is a fun little toy, and the hair was whipping, the sunglasses on, and the music cranked on the stereo.  I think we are kids again?

(see the bits of rust on the below each door?  that is what we might get Lowell to work on) 

Speaking of kids------  
My cousin, John, drove his Harley up from Saukville to the U.P. of Michigan to visit Mom and Lowell.  He bought the Harley from them last spring and decided on a little road trip.  He is going to stop by here on his way home tomorrow... so we are going to hang around tomorrow for that.

Then Saturday, I have some cooking to do to prep for Heather's big wedding shower on Sunday.   We are making it a Fiesta Shower!  Taco bar and dips and chips and margaritas--- yummmm   Mom will be coming down too, and they will also bring down our towbar from my brother's house. 

Those happenings are what is taking up our weekend, so no camping AGAIN!     But by next weekend we are taking off for 2 weeks vacation.  Nothing planned, just wandering in the motorhome.  Will see where we end up.  We think going along western Wisconsin, up to Northern Minnesota, perhaps up into Canada.  Who knows?  If we find a nice place, we might just hole up for the whole two weeks and relax.

Tonight Steveio is going to work on installing the power windshield shade on the motorhome, so I will post some pics tomorrow when it's all done. 



  1. I bet you're really looking forward to that vacation. Enjoy yourselves! :)

  2. I just finished setting up the trailer at the Lake, supposed to be nice this weekend, Adam will join me after school tomorrow, but tonight and tomorrow will be a relax Grandpa day, I might wash the trailer again and get the bugs from the vacation off. To bad no camping for you guys this weekend but two weeks vacation is coming can't wait to go along with you guys in your pictures. That rust doesn't look to bad, as long as you can get by without a door skin, even so white is easy to paint and then you will get a few more years out of it. Misourri uses salt on the roads so I fight a constant battle as only a hot power wash will get the salt off. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. send the rain to Texas... we really need it... love the new toad...

  4. Bummer, no camping weekend for you...but not for US!!! We're going this weekend, Yee Haw!!!! :c)

  5. Sorry you can't get out for a camping weekend. What a great Harley your cousin has! Nice!

  6. We too have itchy feet wanting to take that new motorhome for a shakedown cruise. Our friends are here in their 5th wheel, we may go somewhere next week with them--Mike has been suffering with a bout of gout (his first) and has just been miserable so no work on the motorhome.

  7. Glad you are having fun with your new toys! Bet you can't wait to hook up your new toad and get on the road next weekend and see how everything works out. Have fun.

    Hope the wedding showe goes well on Sunday, the food sounds great!

    Kevin and Ruth


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